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Message no. 1
From: "David M Girardot (Girardot, David)" <GIRARDOT@********>
Subject: Costsw of Bioware (neural or otherwise)
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 92 14:09:45 edt
It seems to me that this stuff is just too cheap. IMHO, the prices were set
for a year in which bioware was no longer so "experimental" and unavailable.
I think that we GMs might want to consider adding a "street price" modifier
to the wares if we let players start out with the stuff. Perhaps %30 to 50%?
I'd like to see Bioware prices be commensurate with similar chrome items --
maybe even more expensive given that th b-ware doesn't cost essence. For
instance, Muscle-Augmentation is essentially a much better version of muscle
replacement. Yet it only cost a little more that twice as much. IMHO M.A.
ought to cost close to 100k per level.

Now, some b-ware prices seem just about right ... damage-comp for instance,
buying 5 or 6 boxes of D.C. is really going to cost!

On a completely unrelated note, a question about someone hitching into the
Matrix: If you're on a hitcher jack, shouldn't you be able to communicate
verbally and visually with Matrix constructs? (You just don't have control
of the deck and no programs, either).


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