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Message no. 1
From: MC23 <mc23@**********.COM>
Subject: Crashed Lists (was Re: (OT)* 23)
Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 04:21:23 -0400
Once upon a time, MC23 wrote;

> I've crashed the list to stop you from guessing my name. That should
>teach you a lesson. B>]#
>-MC23, who is pretending to be a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court-

I've already got one misinformed nasty letter about this so just in
case it is possible that there is another out there who does not know
what a joke is, THAT WAS A JOKE!

Anyway to make this post have something useful in it here's some
advice for the newbies on what to do when the list crashes.

Don't mail the list to see if it crashed. It won't answer and when
it does come back on line we all have to deal with all those Pings.

Write directly to other fellow list members to see if they are
getting mail either.

Although the list crashing is rather obvious you can still mail Mark
or Adam directly if you have any questions about it.

Be patient. Withdrawal's a bitch but sometimes you've got to go
through it.


Ancient cultures believed that names held great power, personal names
more so and they were guarded very closely. To protect themselves, they
answered to another name, because if another discovered their real name,
it could be used against them.
History repeats itself.
Welcome to the Digital Age.
I am MC23

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