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Message no. 1
From: Ereskanti@***.com Ereskanti@***.com
Subject: Decipher Meets FASA
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 20:37:52 EDT
In a message dated 8/9/1999 3:00:05 AM US Eastern Standard Time,
dvixen@****.com writes:

> I think the fact that MikeM shaved his beard might have moe of an impact on
> SR than anything else. ;)
> Now, until something final is reached on FASA and Decipher's parts, I would
> really like this thread to be cold, as speculations and rumours will not
> help our beloved games any. ;)

Actually, I was told something, but I do NOT recall by whom, that all of us
who would like to put up our opinions to Decipher/FASA, should write
intelligent, comprehensible letters/emails of opinion to the respective

Dvixen is correct, there was almost no negative sides to the merger, and the
contract(s) apparently have potential to keep FASA as a "FASA", thus being a
"RPG House".

MC (and everyone else), if you are going to ask or be concerned, think of
this. FASA has the only RPG that is a pre-established game that is *GAINING*
in sales vs. ALL other RPG's of a previous nature (I cannot comment on Star
Trek, as I think they may be doing good business as well). When one company
that wants to move into the RPG business (Decipher in this case), they want
to make smart, intelligent, business-positive moves when doing so. As such,
buying FASA and then replacing its' staff would be suicidal/ignorant on their
part. Additionally, with respect to FASA-Shadowrun...Mike M. did say at the
seminars that part of the agreements is that the current project lines will
remain in place as well. And for Shadowrun, that means -THRU- 2001.

And yes, that is a summary of something that was told to us all at the FASA

Decipher reciprocated the almost the exact same wording to me when I spoke
with their people on Saturday.

This is a "for the good" one folks. Stay Calm...because even if the action
does NOT go through, we were also told that FASA would be fine as well
(remember that buying of FASA Interactive by Microsoft??? Can we say capital
gains??? Stability in a very unstable industry).


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