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Message no. 1
From: Seth Scott <seth@***.UOREGON.EDU>
Subject: re: Deckers/Mages
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 92 10:02:08 -0800
Steve Mancini writes
">>>>>[ Perhaps there is a third option you are overlooking. One that
I grant you is extremely rare. How about a Decker-Mage with
a Multiple Personality Disorder? So that when his mage side
manifests he enters a fugue (sp?) state and wanders to his
hermetic home, but when his decker ego manifests he always finds
his way back to his decker dos?]<<<<<<


Weirdo idea... I guess that my response to that is that MPDs have 'pieces'
of personalities that serve specific purposes (usu roles like "protector,"
"innocent," "nurturer," "extrovert"), and these pieces are,
arguably, all
components of one "host personality"... ie they are really one person,
ultimately. I'm a psych major, but no researcher----> I might be wrong here.
Still, multiple personalities seem to function like 'partitions' of personality,
so perhaps these partitions would effectively seperate the incompatible world
views that deckers and mages hold?

Oh, yeah, and Woodsy had a question or three--

>>>>>[Last run, an upstart shaman I know had this problem: a
of his was trapped in a burning building, and he was carrying these foci
that he found. He's a physical adept, but none of the foci were bonded to
him. This shaman friend wanted to 'ground' a physical spell that was
_beneficial_ to the troll out through the foci-- namely, Barrier! The
point of contention seems to be whether the focus is bonded, to me...
Thoughts, fellows, or theories?]<<<<<

--- Woodsy, Owl Shaman

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