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Message no. 1
From: "Logan Graves <Fenris>" <logan1@*****.INTERCOM.NET>
Subject: Decking Software vs. Hardware Concentrations
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 16:39:14 -0500
"Why would a Decker ever *want* to take a Hardware Concentration?"
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This came up last week during character creation. (It ain't in the
FAQ, nor at Wordman's site, so sorry if it's "old news." ;-)

So, this group of RL programmers are creating SR characters &
discussing the Matrix of 2057. And one of them asks the above
question. He backs it up by reminding us that [at our site] the
technicians are always so backlogged/overworked, we [frequently] have to
perform a lot of their duties [when we have the time, ourselves] --
e.g.. installing tape drives, running LAN lines, installing Win95,
reconfiguring users' Netware profiles, swapping out hard drives, setting
up internet access, twiddling with users' Win95 control settings,
configuring printers, etc. These are all things that fall under the
realm of the hardware guys' job descriptions, not ours. To run in the
Matrix, you'd need on-the-fly creativity, not plug-n-play smarts.
[Right: they're all nerds & you're an "artíste" --- gimme a break!!]

Now, consider IRL I'm an Oracle DBA (mostly software development) & I
work with both programmers, (software designers) & engineers (hardware
technicians) <---We're talking lots & lots of INTP's & INTJ's (of which
I am one...), here. Don't get me wrong many of my friends are techs,
it's just that...

~~~The basic argument goes something like this!~~~

D's Advocate: "You say you're equally qualified as a technician and as
a programmer?"

'Trixter: "Sure, I'm a code basher, but I've been around this stuff so
long that I could do their jobs, too -- if I really wanted. Why just
last week, I had to install my own..."

D.A: "Well, perhaps, they've picked up just as much on your specialty?"

'T: "It don't work both ways, pal. Just ask one of *them* to 'rewrite
the virtual device interface to include a GUI for the Mr. Coffee' and
all you'll get is a blank stare."

D.A: "A very useful talent, I can see. What about the time you ~fried~
your persona chip? Did you install the new one yourself?"

'T: "'Course not. (...i dint have the right tools...)"

D.A: "You mean you 'wanted it done right the first time.' And that
custom MPCP you had two 'decks ago? The one you got at near-cost from
your technician friend.

'T: "Hey, I wrote the OP-System for that! I burnt it in too."

D.A: "Sure, you did. But you borrowed the tech's EPROM-burner."

'T: "...his was newer..."

D.A: "I see, so you're saying that you don't have the time, nor the
resources to stay SOTA on the hardware side.

'T: "<grrrrr!>"

D.A: "But your hardware friends do?"

'T: "Get off my back, man."

D.A: "Let me put it another way. How would..."

'T: "How'd _YOU_ like ta wake up tomorrow an' find yer citizenship

D.A: "<*!> No further questions, I'll chalk it up to GameBalance(tm)."

That sums up my .02¥ on it. -- Anyone else?

(>) "Tell you what. Let me *sweeten*
the deal a bit for you ... "
(>) --Lofwyr, great dragon

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