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Message no. 1
From: Jonathan Hurley <jhurley1@******.STEVENS-TECH.EDU>
Subject: Document format (was RE: New SR E-mag)
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 1996 10:24:49 -0500
Georg Greve[SMTP:greve@*******.HANSE.DE] wrote:
>Gurth (gurth@******.NL) wrote:
>: Georg Greve said on 3:26/30 Nov 96...
>: > Hmmm... why not use postscript ? It has even graphics/formatting and
>: > can be used/read by EVERY system on this planet.
>: I can see several rasons why Fro shouldn't use PostScript... Most
>: important is that you need either a PS printer or a software viewer to
>: use the damn stuff, and second it's at least 5 times bigger than a
>But it is easily compressable which shrinks back to normal.
>: comparable word processor file -- I've tried making PS versions of some
>: of the Plastic Warriors files, and you don't want to know what file size
>: got out of it...
>But this stupid "Vomit for Windumb" format cannot be read by anything
>else which is exactly why I and some of my friends couldn't take a
>single look at the Plastic Warrior files.
> Georg

OTOH, my system barfs if I try to read a PS file (It is not NEARLY as
generic as Apple/Adobe would like you to believe) using Ghostscript. And
RTF is NOT an MS format. IBM invented the damn thing way back in the
eighties. It stands for Rich-Text-Format, and has many similarities to
HTML. Most word processors/Page layout programs can read the thing.

And, most importantly for me, I can do final-edit on the Plastic Warrior
stuff before I print it and release it to my players. I CAN'T do that with

(Not easily, anyway)

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