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From: Doctor Doom <JCH8169@*****.TAMU.EDU>
Subject: Doom Waxes Political I . . . now part of a College Credit Course
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 1994 19:06:21 -0500
This may appear off-topic, but as a History Major, the factors which contribute
to the rise or fall of a nation are of interest to my course of study . . .

. . . besides, others have had their say, and I shall have mine.

[ "Oh, God, here we go...." I hear from the audience, and I already sense
people reaching for the delete key. I believe I shall consider myself
fortunate should I receive so much as one shred of feedback to this. ]

Von Herrn J Gavigan

>I personally think that America is turning into one effed-up country, and it
>don't matter how much you stand and sing "The Star Spangled Banner"
>(especially if you're going to turn around immediately afterwards and laud
>your Spanish/Irish/German/Whatever heritage - America is on the way out if the
>current trend continues. I personally think that the problem stems from the
>fact thatmany people living in America aren't Americans. They're either Jewish

It is my opinion that America's divisive forces lie not with sectionalism, save
perhaps in the Old South (previous to anyone taking offense, permit me to
remind you I LIVE in the Old South), but rather in that of "racialism" and/or
"ethnicism" -- As opposed to racism, typically defined, due to usage, in a
manner more directed than the etymological profile of the term would probably
dictate as "prejudice against a racial minority" -- both of which I would
define as "a sense of superiority and often animosity towards members, symbols,
and icons of other cultures, often developing from a particularly strong sense
of pride in one's own heritage and culture". Alternatively, "emphasis and
lauding of one's own culture and ethniticity to the exclusion of and often
denigrating of others".

I feel that all should exhibit a certain pride in our heritage; it is one of
the factors in the equation that determines who one is. However, when these
feelings are raised to such a degree as to brook little toleration for
representations of other backgrounds and come into competition with other,
similarly passionate individuals from another group, such sentiments can be
cetrifugal forces in which the mounting frictions can cause the situation
to literally fly apart.

One of the many weaknesses of the aging Austro-Hungarian Empire was the various
ethnic groups bickering amongst themselves. There was a singular lack of
unity, owing partially to the fact that the Habsburg Emperors either were too
busy, too unconcerned, or too resisted (in later years) to execute any efforts
an unifying their rather polyglot possessions. If I remember correctly, the
Austro-Hungarian state recognized seven official languages.

The former Yugoslavian state, formed partially from some of the left-overs of
dissected Austria-Hungary (compliments of Wilson) spliced to the quarrelsome
Serbia is a excellent contemporary example of ethniticity (and religion)
becoming the focal point of conflict. Admittedly, these people have been at it
for well over a millennium: Charlemagne's empire included the Croats, they
faced West, to Aachen. This left the Serbs to face East, to Constantinople of
the Byzantine Empire. The only reason for the periods of stability was the
Communists utilized the centralized authority of the state to forcibly
prevent the "children from bickering," so to speak.

'Tis also no mistake that the former Soviet Union fractured along historical
and ethnic boundaries.

However, you are quite correct, these forces are quite worrisome. It is for
these reasons that national institutions are so important. National Anthems,
flag-waving, and important documents all are very important symbols around
which a sense of unity may be woven. Monarchs can serve particularly well in
this role, provided that members of the Royal House do not behave like drunken
oafs in public. All the ceremony and pageantry involved can serve to
symbolize the unity and (hopefully) glory of the nation.

>Perhaps the reason the Jews have been persecuted so much down through the
>years is because of this insular nature which is very strong with Jews.
>Bah. Religion is more trouble than it's worth, a lot of the time.

There are numerous factors which have been tossed about as responsible for the
numerous persecutions of the Jews throughout history, all of which were
discussed in my History of Nazi Germany 403 class.

1) The stereotypical Jew, that is one who observes the Orthodox conventions
regarding appearance and garb, is /quite/ identifiable.

Persecution of a group is facilitated significantly if there are physical
characteristics which cause them to be obviously "different" from the
persecuting group. Also, the mere fact that a group's appearance deviates
from the norm can generate unease and suspicion about the "outsiders".

2) Typically, Jewish communities would keep to themselves.

Now, on the face of it, this seems a fairly good idea given the hostility Jews
have been subjected to over the centuries, but even in such security, it can
lead to suspicion in the minds of a frustrated populace desperately seeking
someone to blame for their problems.

3) The Jewish religion rejects a notion which is the core belief to all
Christian sects.

Even with all of the arguing among the various Christian sects over doctrine
and interpretation, they can quite easily band together (without fear of
hypocrisy) in opposition to a group that does not accept a central facet that
all of their religions share.

It is true, that Islam also rejects the divinity of Christ, declaring Jesus
to be one of a progression of prophets instead. However, in the past Muslim
presence in Europe was far less, being concentrated in Spain and the Balkans;
consequently, there was less persecution and more military campaigning against
the Muslims, e.g. the Reconquista of the Iberian peninsula by Castile and the
continual competition between the Catholic Habsburgs and the Ottoman Empire.
However, it is important to note that in Spain after the resolution of the
Reconquista, the Spanish Inquisition concentrated the majority of its efforts
on suspected covert practitioners of Islam and Judaism.

4) The historical response of the Jews in the face of persecution has been
passivity. Previous to the nightmare of the Nazi experience, the popular
view is that "God is simply testing us."

If a bully seeks to stroke his ego, he harasses someone who shan't fight back.
The Nazis, especially, took advantage of this passive attitude when they
targeted them for hatred and violence. In light of their experience, I feel
that few are terribly surprised at their present feeling of "We aren't taking
this anymore." even if various arguments could be made regarding the zeal with
which they pursue this.


Von the holy Entombed

>That doesn't mean you shouldn't protect yourself with the same degree,
>though; again, it depends on your perspective. Unfortunately, the
>majority of the government, just a big puppet for the folks with the most
>dough, seems to believe that taking weapons from the hands of law-abiding
>citizens will eventually get the guns away from the criminals.

Laws preventing or inhibiting the sale of firearms proceed from the assumption
that the majority of criminals acquire their firearms in a legal manner, which
does not appear to be the case; consequently, they are considerably less
effective than it might otherwise appear. The result, as was previously
mentioned, is the rather peculiar cases of high murder rates in spite of
very strict gun sale legislation.

>Well, it really doesn't help that the media sensationalizes crime here as
>much as it does, here in America and in other countries. Murder cases
>are turned into media orgies, to the point where impartial juries just

I have previously mentioned that there comes a time in artistic expression when
Art ceases to imitate art and begins to imitate itself, far removing it from
its original subject.

The media seems less driven today by a desire of the public, but rather a
desire by the media itself. It is becoming its own motivation and
justification, and as a result is serving its own interests and pursuing
its own agenda -- all the while desperately clinging to the position of
objectivity, an assertion the alacrity of which I OPENLY question.

Colonel Count von Hohenzollern und von Doom, DMSc, DSc, PhD.

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