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Message no. 1
From: Dark Elf <VESPOSIT@****.SUNYSB.EDU>
Subject: Dragons in the matrix
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 92 19:22:49 EDT
As with deckers, dragons in the matrix are limited by their equipment
and programs. Since the matrix is a *Virtual* reality, A dragon's
persona program could appear as anything it wanted, but it's size would be
proportional to the level of the persona programs. As for eating you in the
matrix, that would be the matrix representation of an attack program, and
would have the same effect as such. All in all, your average dragon as a
decker would be no more fearsome than a high level Johnson with lots of
money and staff to spend on his deck and on programs. One more point,
critters in general don't take well to cyberware, so a dragon would
probably be reluctant to even get a datajack installed (headware tends to
make critters go insane), so would suffer reaction peanalties accordingly
for using the non-cyber interface.
I'd be more afraid of a Johnson who graduated MITM with a PhD in
matrix programming who had billions of nuyen worth of decking gear, plus
wired reflexes!

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