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Message no. 1
From: MDB0213@*****.TAMU.EDU
Subject: Drones pieces parts
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 93 13:27:23 CET
Someone wrote something like this:
>I was wondering: What goes into a drone?
>I needed to know what's in a drone. What
>components would some of your more unconventional drones require?
Anything and everything. As you may or may not know, I have been playing
riggers for two+ years now, and have had some truly "twisted" drones. Bear
in mind that many of these were done before RBB.

Doberman: ours was the size of a golf cart, and carried a panther. I rode it
around. (On the job). I also had one that went through water pipes, one that
went through ventilator ducts, and one that could walk around pretty much

Cars, trux, etc: I tended to find remote-control-capable vehicles, and then
proceed to change the frequency of the car to my Rig's frequency. Gee, I am
now controlling all their vehicle? C00L!

Animalistic drones: I had small drones, paid about normal prices for them.
One was a scorpion: scorpion size, had a stinger (narcoject), pincers, and
climbing capabilities. Another looked like a tarantula, and had a rating 10
bug-detector built into it. And the third looked like a bird. That was a fun
one to run. And of course it could drop "stuff" on people. ;)

One other thing that my character was starting to develop was a "flying
centipede". It was a bunch of small flying drones, that looked like spheres,
only each one held a pistol of some sort. Not that bad, until you string 20-30
of these things together, each of them shooting at something. Can we say "dive
for cover, boys and girls?" Thought so.

Some things I would like to see:
SMALL drones. Things like the microskimmer in size, but that could do anything.
Who needs mages for spying on people? This is the Techy way! As Doom says:
"where magic fails, tech prevails!" (I LIKE that saying!)
Manipulator drones, small unnoticable drones, drones that go where people
cannot, things like that. Also a semi-small drone that can go through
buildings. I used to fly my hunter drones (based on the peanut drone, btw)
through buildings as scouts, and they also could provide diversions, etc.

One final thing that my old GM came up with: a robot drone... this looked like
a cyborg, but was controlled (LOS) by a laser set-up hooked up to a rigger. The
ultimate in nastiness. They took a turn-to-gooing and kept on killing! :(

If I can think of anything else, I'll let y'all know. I may also dig out my
The Reverend (NEW ADDRESS! mdb0213@****
"They called me the Reverend when I entered the church unstained"

Head Shot "A Head Shot a day keeps the Doktor away"
list of custom-made drones and post specs on them. BCNU! Rev

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