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Message no. 1
From: Erik Jameson <erikj@****.COM>
Subject: Re: Dunkelzahn's Will (now drifting off-topic)
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 12:47:56 -0500
At 10:11 AM 2/20/98 +0100, you wrote:

>The quote in NERPS: Underworld's Credits section is accurate...

Er...I can't remember, what did that say?

>Spike, you know how you've been called list.member.grumpy at times? Erik
>is the one to whom that title was first applied, and IIRC it was before my
>time, even; I certainly remember the name from my early days on the list.
>Erik's been on NERPS for a couple of years now, and apparently recently
>re-joined ShadowRN.


There's been another list.member.grumpy? </insert image of gaping mouthed
expression of horror> As long as Spike didn't go and ruin it by being nice
to someone...maybe I'll have to change mine to
"original.list.member.grumpy" or something.

Actually Gurth, I think you came onto the list not too long after being
dubbed the list.member.grumpy. And yes, due to a variety of reasons (such
as being unable to cruise the Internet at work) I've rejoined.

I would have come back with an "I'm back!" message, but I knew that very
people would remember me from the olden days.

Good to be back though...

And now, before I do become .grumpy, let's go ahead and drop this and try
to return to our regularly scheduled shadowrun...

Erik J.

formerly known as "list.member.grumpy"
formerly known as "the Dark Stranger"
formerly known as "the Whistler"
formerly known as "G'Koth of the Narn Regime"
formerly known as the artist known as Prince...okay, not really

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