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Message no. 1
From: Mongoose <evamarie@**********.NET>
Subject: dwarves and bows
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 00:45:07 -0600
In regards to the damage the doco man stated it was something to do with
mass and inertia and movements - a physicist may be able to explain - but
as I understand it the smaller projectile can hit with a much higher
initial impact but the larger has moments of inertia behind the point of
impact which resulted in greater penetration??

While not entirely accurate, damage potential roughly equals kinetic
energy, while penetration equals momentum. High mass projectiles with the
same kinetic energy have more momentum.

But in the meantime to this beginner in Sr you have helped a great deal
and thanks and my character is going to be a bit anachronistic and be a
dwarf mage who uses a Ranger-X bow. I think he will be OK on the streets
being a mage but it could be fun to add the bow especially against spirits
or elementals?? and how would he go against the heavy troll guy as
mentioned recently?

In Sr3, the bow is nothing special against spirits, but in SR2, a
dwarf with a bow would have a definite edge. Of course, being a mage
would help, also. Dwarves can be strong, so you might do OK using your
RangerX against impact armor. On the other hand, your spells would also
work nicely if he didn't have magic backup. But don't expect to be on par
with characters who have 2 million in implants or other gear; that's by
definition not a starting character.
BTW, have you considered a crossbow? Short people don't do all that
well with bows; you could use it standing up, but not crouched on one
knee, or in other cases. It would be cumbersome in tight terrain.
Dwarven arms are not much shorter than human, so you could do it; a
crossbow would just be more fitting, and is traditional to dwarves, for
those reasons.


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