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Message no. 1
From: Erik Jameson <erikj@****.COM>
Subject: Early ComicCon List
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 18:04:14 -0400
Here's the early list of people on this list planning on attending the San
Diego Comic Con this August.

I'll be sending this list out as it changes or is updated, but not too
terribly often in any case. It's not as impressive as the GenCon list, by
a long shot, but it's also a less famous show with a different target
audience. Fun Con though. Where else can you go from having a panel
discussion on erotic comics to a special Star Wars never-seen-before
presentation to playing a game of Shadowrun? Going from buying action
figures to comics to autographs from lesser known stars of TV & Film?
(like the old asian guy who's been in dozens of films, you know, "I only do
eyes!" from Bladerunner, the Lo Pan guy from Big Trouble in Little China,
that dude! or the statuesque and suprisingly funny Julie Strain...<homer>
hmmm, julie strain...<drool></homer>)

Sorry, enough ranting, on to the small list.

Erik Jameson (me) erikj@****.com
Richard Swen rwsen@**********.com
Michael Paff mikepaff@***.com
Ghan II (Doug Snyder) ghanII@***.com

And Jak Koke I understand.

Jak may be leading or be a part of some panel discussion or something. I
hope you'll fill us in on this when you get the information so we can plan
to attend.

I may be leading an SR game, exact details yet to be determined. I'll
update this as needed.

And I hope that we can all get together at some point Friday or Saturday
night and share a brew (or whatever tickles your fancy).

If you're interested in attending the show, e-mail me privately and I'll
put you on the list.

Thanks to the list for their time and allowing me to post this.

Erik J.

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