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Message no. 1
From: John Fox <johnf@*****.EDU>
Subject: Earthdawn Errata and Product List
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1993 13:35:20 -0500
This is a copy of FASA's errata sheet for Earthdawn and a list of
future products (and dates!) I debated on whether to post this to a
Shadowrun list, but I finally decided their were probably several people
on the list who play Earthdawn that need this. A good compromise would be
not to discuss this post: take it or delete it. The only items
that could relate to Shadowrun might be the Barsaive Set and the racial
books. I would like to see the latter adapted for Shadowrun (minus
windlings, etc.)

Enjoy (or hate)

John Fox

Earthdawn Errata

Copyright 1993 FASA Corporation.

Provided the copyright notice is included, this document may be freely

This document gives corrections for all currently known errors
in the first printing of Earthdawn. It will be updated over time, and
as needed.

Page 36: The Step/Action Dice Table
The Action Dice listed for Step 19 should be D20+2D6 NOT

Page 51: Mystic Armor
The paragraph which describes Mystic Armor should include the
following sentence:
A character's Willpower attribute determines his Mystic Armor

Page 53: Karma
The paragraph which desribes Maximum Karma Points should read
as follows:
Maximum Karma Points is the maximum number of Karma Points
characters of each races can have at any one time.

Page 71: Ork Cavalryman
The Initiative Dice should be D6 NOT D8.

Page 73: Dwarf Elementalist
The Spellcasting Talent Step Number/Action Dice should be 9/D8
+D6 NOT 10/D10+ D6.

Page 77: Human Nethermancer
The Armor Rating should be 3 NOT 4.

Page 179: Spirit Servant (Circle 4 Nethermancer Spell)
The game stats for this spell were left off the page.
The stats are as follows:

Threads: 3 Weaving Difficulty: 8/20
Range: Touch Duration: 3+ Ranks days
Effect: Summons spirit servant
Casting Difficulty: 9

Rules Clarification
There is some confusion as to how Karma is used in the game.
Below is a clarification of how characters can use Karma in the game.

All Adepts, as well as some of the more powerful creatures of
the world are able to tap in the magical energy of the world in order
to enhance thier use of magic and magical abilities. This magical
energy is known as Karma. The use of Karma is simulated through Karma
Points and Karma Dice. When an Adept wishes to use Karma when
attempting an action, he spends a Karma Point. This allows him to roll
additional dice when performing the action. The result of the Karma
dice is added the result of the other dice rolled for the action. Like
all other dice in Earthdawn, Karma dice can be re-rolled as Bonus
Each of the Name-Giver races uses a different type of dice
when using Karma. The Karma Table on page 53 of the Earthdawn rulebook
lists the Karma Dice for each of the Name-Giver races.
Adepts cannot use Karma on any action. Adepts can only use
Karma on Talents that are either "Discipline Talents" or those Talents
which "Require Karma." These are both described on page 95 of the
Earthdawn rulebook. As they progress to higher Circles, Adepts are
allowed to use Karma on other specific types of actions, listed in the
Discipline descriptions on pages 66 - 90 of the Earthdawn rulebook.
Certain powerful creatures, such as dragons and modt Horrors
can also use Karma. Their use of Karma is described in the Creatures
section of the Earthdawn rulebook.


Earthdawn Errata and Release Schedule

Copyright 1993 FASA Corporation.

Provided the copyright notice is included, this document may be freely

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Earthdawn Release Schedule
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The following is the tentative Earthdawn release schedule for the next
year. Please note that the dates given below are estimated release
dates, and are subject to change.

September: Earthdawn Gamemaster Pack
Contains a three-panel screen with table used when running the
game, a sheet of nine new treasure cards, and a 64 page book expanding
the information in the Earthdawn rulebook regarding gamemastering

October: Mists of Betrayal (Adventure)
This is the first adventure for Earthdawn. It involves a group
of heroes being hired to deliver a payment to the Elven Court within
the Blood Wood. Once there, the heroes learn that the influence of the
Elven Court extends far beyond the Blood Wood's borders.

November: The Barsaive Campaign Set
Contains a 144 page Explorer's Guide to Barsaive, which
provides detailed information on Barsaive, it residents, and its
perils, and a Gamemaste's Book that provides the gamemaster with new
treasures, new creatures, and descriptions of many of the important
people of Barsaive. Also includes a poster sized map of Barsaive, and
a deck of 40 treasure and creature cards.

December: The Earthdawn Companion
128 page book that expands the abilities of characters in
Earthdawn. This includes expanded Discipline descriptions up to 15th
Circle, over 100 new Talents, 40 new spells, as well as rules for
creating new Disciplines. This book also contains rules for allowing
characters to become Questors, and expanded rules for using magic.

January: Terror in the Skies
This is the second adventure for Earthdawn. It begins when a
group is hired to help protect the airship trading routes near Travar,
and ends with a airship raceand battle across the skies of Barsaive.

February: Denizens of Earthdawn Volume I
128 page book that explores the cultures and racial
ethnicities of elves, humans, t'skrang, and windlings. This book,
along with Volume II, is intended to provide players with information
that will aid them in roleplaying characters of the various Name-giver

March: Infected
The third Earthdawn adventure follows a group hired to deliver
a message to a small village in the hinterlands of Barsaive. When they
arrive, they learn that the effects of the Horrors can take many
different forms.

April: Denizens of Earthdawn Volume II
128 page book that explores the cultures and racial
ethnicities of dwarves, obsidimen, orks, and trolls. This book, along
with Volume I, is intended to provide players with information that
will aid them in roleplaying characters of the various Name-giver

May: The Legends of Earthdawn
This product provides gamemasters with over 30 legends of
Barsaive. These legends serve as adventure hooks that the gamemaster
can use in his Earthdawn campaign.

August: The Forgotten City
This boxed set explores the ruins of Parlainth, the former
Theran Provincial Capital city. This city is an adventurer's
playground, and this box gives gamemasters all they need to use
Parlainth in their Earthdawn adventures and campaigns.

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