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From: "Ojaste,James [NCR]" <James.Ojaste@**.GC.CA>
Subject: Re: Earthdawn, FASA and astral space
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 13:17:20 -0500
John Wicker[SMTP:saxon@***.NET] wrote:
> [snipped stuff about Earthdawn comparisons and the like...]
> >FASA wrote it, so it's canon. It's as simple as that.
> Earthdawn cannon should hold to Earthdawn products without question. When
> FASA publishes the rules conversion between Earthdawn and SR, the
> Earthdawn/SR rules carryover will be cannon, too.
> It might be simple for you, but it's a different game system to me. Nothing
> simple about it.

It's a different game *system*, but FASA has admitted that it's
the same *universe*. Much of the knowledge of Earthdawn times
has been lost by 2058, and Earthdawn didn't have the tech that
SRII does. However, Awakenings admitted full out that people
just follow magical traditions because that's what people are
comfortable with. So obviously, there must be a "greater" magic -
one that doesn't rely on these props of spirits and formulae.

Besides, I don't particularly like the way that SR handles
astral space, for example. I prefer the way that ED deals with
it. However, in neither place is it explained/described to my
satisfaction. So, I decided to throw out FASA's stuff and
start over. You can see the results at:

Sticking with just the basic books can really restrict and
confuse, at times.

James Ojaste

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