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From: Mon goose <landsquid@*******.COM>
Subject: Re: [Earthdawn] Now, It's getting scary
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 11:13:56 PDT
>Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 18:04:25 -0400
>From: Sigurd <Sigurd@***.net>
>To: earthdawn@*****
>Subject: Re: [Earthdawn] Now, It's getting scary
>Reply-To: earthdawn@*****
>Corin Wolfkin wrote:
>> According to a program I saw last night on the Discovery Channel,
>> scientists are right on track to design and build cyberware,
>> and
>> datajacks. One guy was saying he's had moderate success getting
>> information
>> transfer across neural tissue(dendrites) to computer inputs. Once he
>> gets a
>> reliable transfer baud rate, datajacks are real. Another one is
>> installing
>> the components for Mark 1 cybereyes into volunteers, with results
>> being
>> pretty much right where he predicted.
>> Something to think about, huh? Now, if only the magic will return in
>> 10
>> years... :)
>I believe rejection is a stumbling block for such devices. I remember
>seeing a News segment about some artificial "eyes" which could (via an
>implanted microchip) display some light sensations for blind patients.
>But the segment concluded by stating that any real use of the
>was at least 20 years away due to rejection of chips/boards/etc. within
>bundles of nerve tissues. OTOH, we've already seen artificial hearts,
>pacemakers, pig livers, etc. implanted in patients, so maybe it really
>isn't too ridiculous to imagine "jacking in" to a computer console some
>It would sure make my job easier. I could probably do a Novell install
>in about five seconds...waiting only for transfer of software to the
>clients and such.

Note that this is more apropriate for the ShadowRN mailist, so I sent
it there also.
The oddest implant device I've seen is a set of implanted wires that
read signlas from a quadrapligics upper CNS, and transmit them to other
parts of the body. Walking is still really dicey, but there a
comercailly marketed "hand control" sytems that allow typing and
lifting. Thgese are really primative, and probaly have little
aplication to SR, where the CNS would be the better target for
stimulation anf feedback for things like wired reflexes (as described)
and skillwires.

To put an ED spin back on this, has anybody designed any "cyberlike"
blood magic items? The Theran blood charms that causes "depaterning"
seem really close. I could see cool "crystal arm" varients- like a
crystal tail for added DX and attack, or a replacemnt crystal leg.
Crystal wings would be to heavy to function, I suppose- although if
woven with elemntal air...
What is the dividing line between charms that cuase depaterning and
those that don't? I guess dramtic change- a REPLCEMENT arm is no risk,
but an EXTRA is. But the "disturbing aperance" charm seems od, by that
interpretation. At the least, it would seem a less tramatizing charm
that boosted social skill would be possible. After all "deperate spell"
does not cause depaterning.


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