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Message no. 1
From: Lawrence Bryant <cs5025@***.AC.UK>
Subject: Elves-Ireland-locals+source books
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 1994 10:45:32 +0000
Greetings Gentle Sopanants

Breath in deeply, don flame proofing, duck.

After reading the continued discusion on TNN and TT i think its
time to stick a oar in on the comments that have been made from
MY point of veiw.

1 Local people write the source books.
gack NO, unless you count some one from say Florida
doing the seatac book, This is what happened with the London
source book , and as a person from Britol i catagoricaly DENY
that Cardiff is visable from my home city, Barry YES Cardiff NO.
The outher errors of this one i wont point out since iv not
bothereed to get annoyed abought them YET, as for the TNN source
book I showed it to my freind from Ireland and he laughed
muchly, as it was definatly a good representation of the folk
myths ( The modern ones , the isle is green + plesant) and
ignore the BIG problems that exist ie all the youth leaving to
get jobs in europe + other palces, the fact that the main crop
is potatoes as pritty much any thing else will rot in the feilds
and the biggest bugbear, Ireland is owned Lock Stock + Barrel by
the eec, ( my friends fave as the place is so subsidised that
they got the equivelent of 100,000 pounds [or was that 10 grand]
per man woman, and child, one year just to stay in the eec)

2 yet again people look at the source books and dont think
abought the consiquences, Have you ever added up the karma for
the iniates in TNN and then thought that the only ones listed
are the most powerful , How meny outhers of the weaker levels
are there, Why would a corp hire you then try to double cross
you when youve got a load of info on Mail this on my death
abought them , and all there friends, and rivals. The gas spec
in the finger tip have you ever seen the size of one of the
instruments ?

Any way ive got to go do some work ( damm) and then try to
think up a plot for my battle tech campaing aND for the darc
conspiracy campain and etc Etc ETc ETC.
bye for now
L Bryant

Once again my pet peeves float to the surface.
oh rose thou art sick
the invisible worm that flys by night.....STEEL

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