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Message no. 1
From: Role Playing Manager <moria@*****.FR>
Subject: Equipment list.
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1993 15:57:33 GMT
I see you talking of equipment lists, so:

Here is the header of Wordman's equipment list:

***** HEADER *****

> The Ultimate Shadowrun
> Equipment List
> by
> Wordman
> lward@****

Amazing what you can do with an OCR system, eh? Please mail me any errors you
find. I'd very much appricate it. Distribute this file ( and xeroxes too) at
will, just as long as you donUt charge anyone. Shadowrun is a trademark of the
FASA Corporation.

This list contains equipment from official Shadowrun products, including
Shadowrun: 2nd Edition, The Street Samurai Catalog, The Grimore, Virtual
Realities, The Rigger Black Book, Shadowbeat, Shadowtech, The Neo-Anarchists
Guide to North America, Sprawl Sites, The Seattle Sourcebook, The London
Sourcebook, and the Neo-Anarchists Guide to Real Life. A very few custom items
have been added. In many cases, numbers were made up, especially Availability
Ratings and Street Indexes.

***** END HEADER *****

If you're interested, I can have it in ASCII or POSTSCRIPT.



P.S: because I don't want to be flamed by everybody, i won't post it here, until
everybody want it.
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/ /||\ \/ ( Especially the weird ones !... )
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