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From: gurth@******.nl (Gurth)
Subject: Equipment weights (was Re: Got my LE ... some impressions while
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 20:31:18 +0200
According to Arclight, on 24-10-05 20:11 the word on the street was...

> And I suppose they were just lazy or too late in schedule

It's probably the simplification at work again. Not mentioning weights
means you don't have to give rules for how much characters can carry,
for example. Let the GM figure it out :)

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Message no. 2
From: u.alberton@*****.com (Bira)
Subject: Equipment weights (was Re: Got my LE ... some impressions while
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 18:33:04 -0200
On 10/24/05, Arclight <arclight@*********.de> wrote:
> At 20:31 24.10.2005, Gurth wrote:

> But there ARE rules. It's STR*10. For every 5kg over that limit, you get
> penalties. So instead of spending, say, 2 hours making up stats, you have
> bitching players at the table... "Oh no, that rifle should weight a lot
> less in 2070" ...

How is that different from the way it was in previous editions? Having
weights listed just gave them something specific to bitch about :).


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