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Message no. 1
From: Mongoose <evamarie@**********.NET>
Subject: Re: Essence, and things that go BOOM!
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 10:30:46 -0700
:In Cybertech, there was a piece of ware called the Area Bomb. You can
:purchase it with a rating of up to 8D, with a blast of -1 per meter.

Yep, that's basically the "cranial bomb" from SR1+2. SR3 has the 3
versions in Cybertechnology.

:A question I had: If a character has two Area Bombs implanted, and
:they're both triggered at exactly the same time, would you consider it
:a single 16D blast?

No, most times SR explosives increase power as the square root of
quantity. 2 C-bombs (if allowed) would thus have a power of 11(D), IMO.

:And from there, my next question was: since these things don't have an
:essence cost, is there a practical limit to the number of Area Bombs
:that can be implanted into a person?

Well, they are normally in the head, but need not be. Each one
implanted is quite expensive (like Y500,000!) and implantation causes a
light wound, which would slow things down very slightly. (thats genric for
uncomplicated surgery that costs no essence- the GM could make it higher,
to make removal equally difficult). But eventually, you would realisticly
have to set a limit!
The easiest (and smartest) limit would be to say that a normal cranial
bomb is the largest bomb that can be implnted in a hard to detect, hard to
remove manner, without causing essence loss. I mean, if it were not,
there would be bigger and cheeper versions, right? A bigeer bomb copuld
be done, but it would cost essence and be more detectable.
Now, if you really need a big walking bomb, a cyberleg loaded with a
device (to whit, a BOMB) would do, and those mass limits we came up with a
whlie back would be quite handy; I personally liked KG limits of
Cyberskull- body
cybertorso- bodyx4
cyberarm- bodyx2
cyberleg- bodyx3

Those were intended to be wight of normal gear before it's adapted to
limb use (which would lighten it some by romoving cases and handles and
power suplies and stuff)- for pure explosives, use 1/4 those numbers, I'd
say; it can't be minaturized, and is not very dense compared to the metal
stuf that usually gets made into limb toys (how many 2 lb packages of
butter can you fit in YOUR arm?). You can still get a lot of boom putty
into a tin limb, if you don't want anything else!
The limb would count as shrapnell, if there are any rules for actual
constructed bombs as opposed to loose plastique... Say double power and a
staging level, if its done right?

Message no. 2
From: Mongoose <evamarie@**********.NET>
Subject: Re: Essence, and things that go BOOM!
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 13:23:55 -0700
:The falloff is linear, but what Gurth meant was that if you drop 1 kilo
:bricks of explosives with respective powers 1, 4, 8 and 12 one meter
:in front of a group of children, the children will all be unharmed. So
:the degree of falloff varies directly with the power of the explosive.
:It is thus a variable linear falloff, instead of the constant linear
:falloff that you posited.

In real life, doesn't the "radius of lethality" depend a lot on the
shrapnel, and thus on a bombs construction? Perhaps that would be an
excellent us for demolitions; divide the falloff rate of a specially made
bomb by the demolitions success (with an absolute limit of 1 per meter,
that being the best available in professionally produced grenades).
Apparently, in the last few bombs the UNA-bomber made, the blast
radius was bigger, without using any more or better materials (explosive
or not). Using the above rule, you could do something like that.


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