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From: "Mark Steedman" <M.J.Steedman@***>
Subject: EuroGencon : FASA upcommings.
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 10:47:19 GMT
As i said before i made it to EuroGencon at Loughborough
well i finally found time to type in my notes.

About 10 folks were at the lecture, not helped by the fact TSR
commented it would happen and then didn't put it in the event
programme so i suspect some never found it (others were probably
melting mechs at the time)

The comments cover all three FASA systems, SR first so if you only
want the SR stuff you can stop reading at the Battletech heading. and
skip down to the end. The SR upcommings list particularly is already
fairly well known.


FASA Upcomming's

>From Randal Bill's 'lecture' at Euro Gencon



Companion. will expand boudaries of what you can play,
Archtypes wise Docwagon mentioned.
Will cover fluctuating magic levels
no hints of any more 'ED' stuff

Missions adventure pack, new ideas for runs supposed
to be very different.

Underworld no new comments

SR art book (Feb 97) will be laid out as a normal art
book as opposed to a shadowland posting

Criminal adventure book

Flashpoints : new style of book, combining an adventure
with source material. will describe a place
and tell you how to use it. FASA have noted
that particularly places likr the Tir Na nOg
they provided one adventure and little more
in ideas

Predator and prey, adventures with paranormals, and
notes on how to use them.

Riggers 2 full revamp intended to do to riggers as VR2
did to deckers (Aug 97)

cyber pirates (Oct 97) similar to flashpoints, will cover
various pirate groups, inc caribean league.

Australia is back to at least 98 and may be flashpoint style

France and Japan, no new info.

SR card game is up in the air.

Running short : Randal knew nothing about this. If any
work was actually done it must have been integrated into
other things now. It might have died given the flashpoints
plans and the fact that campains 2057 has produced 10
adventures in two books!



This is Randal's field, he obviously knows whats comming here,
unlike SR and ED but was giving nothing away.

Explorer corp, search for the clan homeworlds. The figure of
1300 light year from the inner sphere was going about
also creating planets and systems stuff.

Battle for Coventry. Scenario pack for 'Malicious intent' novel

Map set 5

Field manual : free wrolds league (April)

Battletech advanced rulebook. (June)
rules to expand game, do what the tactical handbook
should have done.
more stuff for infantry and vehicles

Field manual, Merc of inner sphere, replaces Merc 3055 (Aug)

Northwind Highlands (scenario pack/ mostly sourcebook thereon)

Battleforce 2nd ed : preliminary title.
totally new replacement for the battleforce game,
for playing company up to planatary assualt games.
This is a totally new system for big battles.

For info the cover of the 3057 book is a 'Briefing class
Battle cruiser', it has no stats but will be referenced to in
the Ghost Bear section of Explorer Corp.



Throal Adventures : as Parlainth

Prelude to war : Sourcebook detailing changes in the ED universe,
ED joins Battletech and SR in having big campain world
stuff going on. the comming action and how to use it

ED survival guide. more detail on some areas, eg rule for the
badlands why its so dangerous (Dec 96)

ED Grimoire (Feb) 300 new spells, magic item etc

Blood wood sourcebook (May)

Theran Empire ! (July / Aug)

Secret Societies. (Nov) cults etc. suggested it will cover the
leaders of Iopus.



FASA are planning to release another new system, maybe 18 months
from now. It will be totally unrelated to the existing games.
No details finalised yet.


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