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Message no. 1
From: "Davidson, Chris" <Christopher.Davidson@***.BOEING.COM>
Subject: Eye of the Pharaoh part 2
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 14:57:14 -0800
Okay, so the last place that we left off, Mr.
Prophecy was hiring the runners to hit this
museum. The runners cased out the place for a
full 24 hour period, only to find that there were
2 roaming drones on the outside of the place, and
2 security guards at of which was the
rigger that was controlling the drones. So they
planned to time it just right, run down and climb to the top of the building, where the
sufficient cover from the drones and work their
way in, through a skylight that they had noticed
was open. So they went and got their supplies
that they needed...

To make a bit of a long run a bit shorter, they waited till that next night, and went for
it. So they ran down the hill (there was a hill beside
the museum) one at a time, and wouldn't you know
it, the 2nd to the last of them got spotted by the
drones...with 3 on the roof already and one more
to come down the hill, the korboruku phys ad went
for the skylight, and decided to leave the rest of
the part to deal with the drones. What they
runners didn't plan on, was the policy of the
museum security force to call for reinforcements
the moment they say anything go wrong, so while
the little guy was inside the building trying to
theft the relic, the other 4 took out the two
drones, only to notice this bag ass helicopter
coming in straight for them with 4 ropes hanging
out the side. The one had the bright idea to try
and grab the rope and toss it up in the rotors,
which he managed to do to two of them (even while
security forces where repelling down on one of them)
which toasted a couple of guards in a fine red
mist, but meanwhile 4 more security goons actually
made it out of the copter alive and started to
cause a fracas (no this run was meant to be easy,
if they had been making a couple of critical roles
which they didn't). The sad thing is, that the
copter at this point was starting to take a dive,
and actually took another one of the guards out on
it's decent. It crash landed on the museum and
the rotor's barely stopped, just before hitting
the little dwarf who was able to swipe the
artifact. Batu (the korboruku) climbed the now
very mangled helicopter and jumped onto the roof,
where a security guard was waiting for him and
actually managed to plug him one, only to find
that the rest of the guards were quickly snipped
down by the guy who didn't come down off the hill,
and that he was pretty much next. The crew got
away with the heist, but not without a lot of heat
being brought down...and it's was very public,
luckily, the weren't trying to sell this thing that
they grabbed.

Next...the sub orbital. ;)
Chris Davidson
CSRC Analist DWS
"Don't just do something...stand there!"

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