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Message no. 1
From: Gregory Reade <readeg@***.GOV>
Subject: Re: FASA Beta's
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 1995 09:28:31 EST
FYI- (Bummer!)

>At this time, the playtesting period for the NAGM is over, and the Shadowrun
>developer has begun work on that project. For this reason, we would ask that
>this file not be placed on any ftp sites or other servers.

>In the future, we may allow files such as these (i.e. playtest materials) to
>be posted on the Internet, but it will depend on the nature of the project,
>and the amount of playtest time we have for the project.

>Thanks and Take Care,

>Lou Prosperi

Sorry, I guess I can't post NAGM to the list. Unfortunately Lou did not address
any other playtest files. I can ask regarding new files as they appear.


P.S. NAGM isn't that good anyway... nothing the players need... ;>


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