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Message no. 1
From: "Paolo Falco the FoxMaster" <Falco@****.it>
Subject: Re: FASAMike, and sorry! :)
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 01:38:59 +0200
On 13 Jul 96, Mr. E wrote:

> On Sat, 13 Jul 1996, Paolo Falco - Seen a Fox? wrote:
> > We could ask him if you could ground through quickenings,
> > then let him see what mess it provokes!!!
> You know, I'll understand some of this. Whats the point of
> bringing up the whole grounding/quickening thing again when it
> really doesn't matter. Just allow it if you want to or don't.

That's exactly what I said from the start. :)

> As long as the players and GM agree beforehand, it really
> doesn't matter.

And players should (MUST) always agree with the GM, shouldn't
they ? <grin>

> Sorry for the ranting. I'm just getting tired of hearing about
> this thread. And it's also 3:30 am. Sorry.

Yes, it was just a joke, sorry! :)

I was meaning that we could ask him *JUST* to let him see by
himself what kind of reactions (nervous, tired, angry) a simple
rule discussion can have on a whole list. I actually don't care
if you can ground through quickenings. I just find funny the
fact that as soon as somebody says "Grounding through
quickenings" the whole list seems to explode.

A shadowrun-emailing equivalent of a well-placed claymore mine,
I guess. you touch it, the world goes pyrotechninc :)

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