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Message no. 1
From: John Fox <johnf@*****.EDU>
Subject: FASA New Products
Date: Wed, 26 May 1993 18:49:16 -0500
Wordman, the guy who does the Shadowrun FAQ and also the equipment lists,
I think, posted this on Usenet. I think it is important. Note that this
information conflicts with what someone posted here (I forget who). That
person said that the only two sourcebooks for this year were a European
one and the Corp book. Wordman seems to say that a European book has been
replaced by Germany and Tir Nan Og books.

John Fox

The new 1993 SR catalog has a great discussion between Harlequin and ...

something. I think that FASA is finally bringing Demons to SR, the Horrors,
mentioned by Mr. Jacobs. If so, they are coming through Crater Lake -- just
a feeling.

Anyway, the point is, but the Tir Book.

Oh, also in the new catalog:

A Killing Glare: A module about Urban Brawl
Striper Assassin: A novel
Corporate Shadowfiles: Coroperate histories, personell, assets, etc.
Germany Sourcebook: In English.
Tir Na Nog: As the title says.

Comming Attractions:
Corporate Security Guidebook: A look at security from the corp point of view
(i.e. how hard will corp X work to protect object Y).
Ares Security Catalog 2054: Guns, gas, drones, ...
Harlequin's Back: The next tale of our favorite immortal elf Har'lea'quinn.
Running Short: Six one-night adventures for 2 to 3 runners.


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