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Message no. 1
From: Mark Steedman <M.J.Steedman@***.RGU.AC.UK>
Subject: Re: FASA novels [back OnT...]
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 13:25:12 GMT
Brett Borger writes
> Don't feel bad....shortly after _Lone Star_ sourcebook was released, I sent
> my runners into a run against alcatraz...and then later, when the prisoners
> rioted, I sent them back "because they were the only ones who get in and
> Basically (save for a few details, like the Neuro nasty) it was the Rock.
I had some fun with interesting places to visit. I'd mentioned in
advance to the players the run was going to be 'on an Ares owned
facility in the CAS'. Now there arn't many mentioned in the
sourcebooks, but indirectly one well known one is. The job was
supposedly simple take crate A out of truck, put in 'flashy
transport' take item B out of transport put in truck. Both truck and
transport start inside the facility, and Ares must remain non the
wiser for at least 24 hours after the run that anything happened.
Now the only real pain was the location, they didn't guess till i
threw some maps over the GM screen and hid :).....

> Now some movie studio comes and makes a fortune off of it. _I_ didn't make a
> fortune. IIRC, I even had to buy the pizza that night.
Now theres a negative karma offense! :)


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