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From: K is the Symbol <Ereskanti@***.COM>
Subject: FASA Reply Times
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 08:53:16 EDT
I am just letting everyone know that I have a new personal record here. I
just got a reply from FASA yesterday that only took 18 hours or so to get back
to me via email. And from Mr. Mulhillvil now less.

It concerned the Hardbacks, and goes as per the following

We'll this year we are producing a hardback which is also the limited edtion
and a softcover. Both should be at Gen-Con. We have not placed a limit on the
amount a person can purchase at this time. But I will check into it again. In
the past we have placed a one per person limit. But we also allowed that
person to reenter the line to purcahse a another copy.

Thanks and now that SR3 is finished and i'm only 4 months behind...maybe just
maybe I'll be able to rejoin the list after Gencon.

Have Fun!
Play Games!

Mike Mulvihill
Shadowrun Line Developer

Hey, it made me feel good knowing that we have no real idea what is the
situation for the SR Hardbacks this year :P


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