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From: Paul Gettle <RunnerPaul@*****.COM>
Subject: Re: FASA's Financial state [was: Orichalcum Mine]
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 19:43:29 -0400

At 07:56 PM 10/1/98 -0700, Anders wrote:
>>...PLEASE though, folks, if FASA's current finances are as bad off
as I
>I was at the Berkeley Games Topline trade show in Berkeley Sunday,
>the rep at the FASA booth mentioned that FASA had just bought
>Ral Partha. Production will continue in Ohio, creativity will be
>to Chicago, overlooking Ground Zero. Please, no more Poor Broke FASA.

At the time I originally posted this, it was a month before we'd even
heard any of the rumors of FASA buying Ral Partha. The rumors that had
been flying around back then involved the Earthdawn line being dropped
because it wasn't turning enough proffit, and also rumors that FASA
wasn't renewing contracts with some of the higher profile artists,
because the artists had gotten too expensive (and even one rumor about
an artist refusing to draw for FASA because of FASA's non-payment of
the last few contracts he'd worked).

I'll agree that if they can buy out Ral Partha, they're not on the
verge of bankruptcy, but as several other listmembers have pointed
out, many times when one company buys another one, it's done because
they need to insure a new channel of income, not because they have
money to burn.

Oh, and Anders:
1. Your Reply-To header is overriding the listserver's address.
2. Your mailer (Netscape 4.5) is including an attached file with
everything you send to the list.
GridSec has probably already asked you to fix these two problems, but
if they haven't, I wanted to point them out.

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