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Message no. 1
From: "Mark Steedman" <M.J.Steedman@***>
Subject: FASA Upcoming :very latest from
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 13:41:08 GMT
The FASA SR web page is very much up though the rules quieries and
reviews sections don't work yet. However they do have some stuff on
the election (small subset of ST stuff) and a far more up to date
release schedule through to the autumn (see below!) including stuff
never heard of before.

Super Tuesday
Sure, running against the corps is hard. But there's
nothing in the worldslimier, colder and deadlier than taking a run
for some political slag.You're the pawns, toys, mice at the mercy of
a fat and nasty cat. They saynever trust a dragon - I say never trust
a politician. Super Tuesday is a collection of five
Shadowrun adventuresset during the chaotic United Canadian and
American States Election of 2057.From breaking into Bug City, to
stopping a psycho toxic shaman on a deathmission, to tangling with a
secret society on a quest for a magical talisman,the player
characters find out what it means when a politician enter theshadows.
Super Tuesday is intended for gamemasters and players ofall
experience levels. For use with Shadowrun.

Everybody wants to rule the world, but
the entities described in Threats have the power to do it!
These opponents-human, metahuman, and otherwise-entertainglobal
schemes and far-reaching scams that threaten all of humanity.
Entitiesfrom published Shadowrun fiction and products, as well
as totallynew opponents get the full treatment in this sourcebook for
Shadowrun,Second Edition.

Available in May!

Shdows Of The Underworld

[still no sign of the promised underworld stuff sourcebook unless its
going to be in this]

Gangs, organized crime, policlubs, and now politicians
all make their homein the shadows of the Awakened world-and it's
getting harder to tell wherethey're hiding and who they own. This
adventure set exposes the runnersto dark elements of the underworld,
from the power and trickery of HumanisPoliclub to the brutish
violence of the gangs, all set against the backdropof the UCAS
election of 2057.

Available in June!

Portfolio: Dunkelzahn's Secrets
[WOW! can we say WOW! this looks just a little interesting, could
well be horrors etc as well, anyones guess what it will cover so some
might not like it]

They say the bigger you are, the
bigger your secrets. So what kind of secretsdoes a great dragon have,
particularly one with money and power spanningthe ages and who's
bidding to become the next president of the UCAS? Whenit's the Big D,
you can bet those secrets are HUGE! This sourcebook revealsthe
wheeling and dealing of one of Shadowrun's most popular,
powerfuland colorful personalities.

Available in August!

Beyond The Shadows: The Shadowrun Companion

This much-anticipated sourcebook offers expanded and
clarified rules forgamemasters and players, providing a variety of
fresh possibilities forways to make the Shadowrun universe
come alive. Fluctuating magic levels,
???? could be interesting

the technology curve, and new
???? likewise

optional rules, including guidelinesfor playing everything from
DocWagon EMTs to corporate spies, offer unprecedented opportunities to
flesh out the Awakened world of Shadowrun and create more
exciting adventures.

Available in October!

also stuff to two novels [trimmed]

This looks good, two sourcebooks we had heard litte more than 'it
exists - no info' (Dunkelzahn) and 'its the SR companion - whats that
going to cover'.
No sign of Asutrailia (but they said 1997)
Riggers 2 (but the rumour was Dec96)
orgainsed crime (has it become the adventure?)
France (but the old rumours were 97/98)

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