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Message no. 1
From: Mark Steedman <M.J.Steedman@***.RGU.AC.UK>
Subject: FASA upcommings, latest
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 11:35:11 GMT
Simply the lastest update. from FASA on the web: see their web sire
for slightly more info.

Beyond The Shadows: The Shadowrun Companion

providing a variety of fresh
possibilities for ways to make the Shadowrun universe come alive.
Fluctuating magic levels, the technology curve, and new optional
rules, including guidelines for playing everything from DocWagon EMTs
to corporate spies,
Available in November!
FASA release slippage again, but that bad this time.


The Missions adventure set for Shadowrun shows players and gamemasters
how to put the rules in The Shadowrun Companion (November '96 release)
to spectacular use. Bullets and magic fly in these short adventures,
each of which focuses on a specific, hazardous mission, ranging from
DocWagon techs pulling a client from the middle of a fire fight to a
government-sponsored search-and-rescue mission into the heart of Bug
Now this sounds fun :), run latter directly after a certain Super
Tuesday adventure :) :) :)


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