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From: K is the Symbol <Ereskanti@***.COM>
Subject: Free Spirit Attention Getters (Re: Dragon Heart Trilogy)
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 04:47:44 EDT
In a message dated 7/11/98 8:45:40 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
mnemonic25@*********.COM writes:

> Well, ya gotta remeber that if Thayla summoned him as a normal spirit,
> he would have become a free spirit when she got bumped off....
> I'd go for a free spirit that got bound at it's moment of creation or
> something...
Okay guys, time for a quick little reminder. Dunkie died in a grotesque and
incredibly emotional moment, hence, he became what he became.

Thayla is (was) guarding the bridge across the darkness. Her singing is part
of what Dunkie was directly attempting to assist. Hence, part of his
transition ingrained that directly upon the being he became. But the
transition was a violent one, and he suffered memory loss. Thayla knew him
for whom he was still however, and probably knew his true name (I would be
they trusted each other that much as to share those things in order to further
their joint goals). Speaking the True Name of a Free Spirit has a chance of
getting it's attention at the very least, and knowing it for a conjuring would
no doubt call it directly.

Thayla named him Lethe after the river of forgetfulness, which I thought was
appropriate as all get out.

So, at the very least, Dunkie became a -type- of Free Spirit, and some of
those rules do apply to him.


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