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Message no. 1
From: "Chad S. Mawson" <csm2747@************.EDU>
Subject: ftp and an equipment list
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 93 00:27:42 CDT
> Someone asked about NAGEE. The ftp adress is
> under /pub/Beelzebub/Role-Playing/Shadowrun/NAGEE
> I belive you send stuff to the editor : jerry@******
> There is also Equipment list by wordman and Character sheet by wordman
> at in pub/frp/srun. I havnt checked them out yet.
> Archon
> (Mike Callaghan)

I just wanted to say that I check out and got the Ultimate Equipment
List in Post Script format. WOW! 20 pages all in the standard FASA
Shadowrun font. Since FASA can't/won't/doesn't feel like publishing
complete lists of anything, this list is great. There is also just a standard
ASCII format version too. I highly recommend it.


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