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From: "J. Keith Henry" <Ereskanti@***.COM>
Subject: Re: Full of Life (Warming Up)
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 23:21:55 -0400
In a message dated 97-07-30 13:41:15 EDT, dbuehrer@****.ORG writes:

I apologize ahead for the following...but, I believe that everyone had it
coming. There is a larger, very much IN TOPIC portion further on.

> Do you have any idea what this thread is about? The whole point of
> the discussion is to discuss new ideas and options for
> astral/physical laws and philosophies.

Yes David, I do, more than you might know. I have discussed previous topic
lines with Steve. And yes I have seen his name on the Awakenings Credit
list, which is exactly why I wrote what I did.

> Do you know who Steve Kenson is? Read the credits for Awakenings.

I hope you read my previous entry.

> The change of rules is not being discussed just because of FAB
> (although the paradoxes created by FAB are more than enough reason
> for me). Its also being discussed to clear up the rule mechanics for
> spell casting, grounding, dual natured beings, and to simply explain
> how it all works.

The rules are understandable, NOT clear. In that form I completely agree
with you. However, the concept of making a Passive Aura interactable on the
Astral Plane opens to many doors for abuse, even if it is only for a single
living thing. Everyone on this list I believe also knows that -I- am usually
one that will go for neat ideas and extreme measures. And I know what I am
saying when I mention that the Active vs. Passive Astral Signature concept is
all that should be approached, NOT how that concept is bridged or "updated."
If the concept of Grounding (OOOPS< I SAID THE BAD WORD!!!) is bothering
people so much, then perhaps everyone so bothered can slow down a bit and
look at the rules again until their eyes get bloodshot, and when that is done
they can simply say, "WHY?"

Active Auras/Signatures are reflective entities of a given being from another
realm. As living beings on the "Mundane" realm, we give off an aura of Life
at a fundamental level. And by the way, those auras on the Astral are
reflective in other directions. They can also be reflective of those beings
on parallel planes of reality, be they Metaplanes or entirely different
universes. Beings that can reach the Astral in an active, direct form, be it
consciously (as a magician) or subconsciously (as many paranormal critters
do) have that connection. As such, they have a more prevalent structure in
the Metageography. Spell Locks, Anchorings, Quickenings, Magical Foci and
MUCH more also have that link between one or more "reflections" of existence.
In the latter examples cases, it is simply an artificial one.

Passive Auras/Signatures are merely the reflection of said beings from a
given plane that lack a directly interactive state of being with the
"parallel" universe, in this case, the Astral Plane. HOWEVER, as they have a
state of living, a Life, they are part of the overall "background noise".
Passive Auras/Signatures, being normally "ignorant" of their reflective
nature, are therefore directly unreachable (though there are many indirect
methods, you just have to know where to look for them). In this case,
Ignorance really is Blissful for so many.


The Crossing

For those things that are capable of bridging the distances, an interactive
state can be reached. Magicians, Paranormals, Spirits, and others, all have
the ability to at the very least subconsciously draw from that other state of
being. To channel it in some fashion that can effect at least one other
parallelity at a time.

Have you ever noticed how a magician sustains drain for their actions? Have
you noticed that even dragons suffer drain from the usage of some of their
powers (like flaming an area instead of a single target)? Have you ever
noticed that if you give a living thing -to much- resource potential, it will

All of that holds true here as well. Life is a fuse, a candle wick, which
can only take so much flame before it extinguishes itself, it burns itself
out. The universe, in SR standards, has thought of that, which is why
certain things have a Passive Structure instead of an Active (Interactive)
one. If the Active ones can suddenly find ways to interact with the Passive,
then a stop gap in cosmic safety switches has been reached.

Give a farm some land and water, patience and care, it will grow. Flood the
Field, Give it too much Sunlight, it will drown or burn up.

Additionally, when more power moves into a region, it creates "pockets" of
lower power in what would normally be "stable" Astral or Metageography.
Drain the lake to feed the fields, the life around the lake with drain as
well, taking with it the ability of that life level to survive. I suppose
that life would become incredibly nasty-minded in that way. If you think
about, you could apply that to the SR/ED crossover theory as well.

If this is a tide, and ours has come in, just exactly whose has gone out?

> With SRIII on the horizon Steve (who is part of the team that will be
> be producing it) is asking the list for ideas, suggestions, and
> comments on the subject of Magic for SRIII.

(California Blonde Speak- Skill Rating- Nth Power) "Like WOW man, you don't

> Got it?

Dave, I had it long before you read it.

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