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From: "Fisher, Victor" <Victor-Fisher@******.COM>
Subject: Further thoughts on Smartlinking Sights on a Gun...
Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 14:56:02 -0400
You could say the person would have to upgrade their current
smartlink system [maybe from 2 to 3?] to handle the more information
intensive transmission. You could also increase the Essence Cost of the
system of the system from .5 to .6.
This is how I envision the smartweapons used by Tir na Nog special
forces work [only theirs is also linked to a powerful cognitive
recognition system that's constantly updated, maybe every week or so]
allowing them not only to see the target, but to process and compare his
image with known felons on file, and if the circuitry comes up with a
whatever % the onboard comp is calibrated for, the weapon automatically
fires. Of course, I'd NEVER let my players get their hands on something
like that, but the viddie pop up window is definitely doable in the game
system, given the current technology. [would make sense for special
forces to have a battle tac computer hooked in to boot].
Media type characters use the technology all the time, when they're
monitoring footage filmed from some trid recorder, so they can keep
track of and correct POV, lighting as seen by camera, etc.
Smart runners can also take along a mini-cam with an fiber optic
link, and use it to spy around corners, under doors, the images being
displayed on their camera's mini-screen. Or real industrious runners can
rig their walkphones [if they have a vid option] to receive the signal,
in a pinch [give those guys with Electronics B/R something to do.]
Cost you'd have to figure out for yourself. Avaliability probably
would be only slightly higher than an average smartlink system. And
again, there's the non-cybered version for those who don't want to get
another plug stuck in their head.
It's time to move from Pong to DOOM, people :-]

More prattling and saber rattling from me.......

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