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Message no. 1
Subject: GENCON ADDRESS and ordering info...
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 1994 12:52:46 CST6CDT
Here's the address to write to in order to get info and/or
registration forms.

GEN CON Game Fair Headquarters
P.O. Box 756
Lake Geneva, WI 53147 USA

I got this address out of my fair catalog from last year, on the
earlybird registration form for this year.

As for meeting someplace, let me know, and I will see if I can show
up to. Heh.

Heh, it's good to have friends who live in Milwaukee, and they have a
house with a bed just for me... Course I only live a hour and a half
away anyway... Heh. Hope you all can find hotels.

I'm such an jerk. I can't help it. Really. I try.

Sean K. Davis (USN) daviss@*******
University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering
aka Dr. Khaos aka Chromer
ENGINEERING- It's not just a major, It's a NIGHTMARE.
You and the Navy, full speed ahead. It's Not Just a Job, It's an
Adventure. Hook, line and sinker.

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