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From: Super Grover <taleask@***>
Subject: Gene Therapy and Bioware (was Re: New Totem (sort of))
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1996 17:27:37 -0700 (MST)
On Thu, 21 Mar 1996, A Halliwell wrote:

> The point *is* that we evolved out our appendix (which was originally there
> to break down cellulose, and now our intestines *use* the cellulose to keep
> the stool together. If you alter the genome, people will find themselves
> spending a lot more time cleaning up after themselves and running to the
> toilet.....
True, but I would think that by implementing such a genetic change, (the
digestion of cellulose) a compensatory measure could be taken, either
genetically or bionetically (bioware). Sorry, but right now i can't think
of such a measure (i've been sleep dep trying to right up a paper for
publication) but i think one could easily exist in 2050.

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> I think you forgot the *pant* *pant* **GASP** *faint* >*CRASH*<

Not quite at that stage yet :)

Super Grover


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