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Message no. 1
From: ROGER PERRY smithsguild@*******.com
Subject: Gremlins...(was HVHVV and Dwarves....)
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000 01:54:00 GMT
>Grey wrote:

>Not that I can find, but that shouldn't stop you from making something up.
>I'd go with it being a Spirit of Man, not a toxic spirit. It is
>mischevious, not evil. Also, I wouldn't have with Astral Invisibility,
>the purpose of the spirit is to mess with machines,
>why would it be worried about being detected astrally?

Alright here's my reasoning on type and why the ability to dissapear on the

Suskin is an immoral corporation, anything goes for profit providing the
right deniability.

The vivisection of clones for organs, a black bag Tanamous style street
abduction of SINless, providing 'raw' materials (organic as well as cyber)
as well as a steady supply of test subjects. This type of environment would
produce HIGH background count and could 'twist' a normal spirit of man.
(once possibly a Hearth Spirit)

The machinery used for 'extraction' a Robotic Harvester is the focal point
for the spirits manifestation and apparently the primary target of it's

On-Site tech service the Harvester can't find anything wrong yet it Butchers
nearly beyond use anyone clone or otherwise placed on it's table.

The spirit delights in causing trouble for those who are responsible for his
'change' however Suskin is researching magically intense research. ( Astral
Security is a Hvy. Mix of Spirits, Wards, & astrally patrolling mages.)

The 'gremlin' has to be able to avoid such intense scrutiny, perform it's
mischief, & remain within it's domain.

Could it's nature be something more along the lines of dual-natured but if
it focuses it can shift it's presence totally into one state or the other?
ie. full physical manifestation/no astral
presence, full astral presence/no physical, or a standard dual-nature.

Just trying to work out the kinks...

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