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Message no. 1
From: Dvixen <dvixen@********.COM>
Subject: [GridSec] Spammer getting the lists addys.
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1998 22:45:02 -0800
This is not to be discussed on the list. (It's annoying me. And we all know
I shouldn't be annoyed, right? ;)

What most likely happened, is someone got ahold of instructions on how to
subscribe to the list, did so, and sent a message the the listproc with the
command 'who' It would return to him the complete list of who is subscribed
to the list, except for those who are set to conceal. (Of course, the moment
I post, everyone knows I'm still here...) FYI, I haven't received any of
these spams. :)

Chances are, who ever grabbed the list membership (the only way to get the
list memebrship is to ask the listproc for it) had already left.

Complaining about it only annoys Admin, GridSec, and everyone else.

Please complain to the webmaster/postmaster of the place it came from.

ShadowRN GridSec: 'Whatever division I feel like being' division <=soon to be revamped!

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