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Message no. 1
From: Craig S Dohmen <dohmen@*******.CSE.PSU.EDU>
Subject: Re: Grounding spells (Replying to John W. Carter)
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 20:37:56 -0400
On Tue, 24 Oct 1995, John W. Carter wrote:

> Another thought about this "conduit": if a sustained spell is keeping
> the conduit open, how could a mage cast another spell while sustaining
> the first one? After all, the conduit is busy sustaining the first spell.

Er, what? It just means you have to do two things at once. Why should
it be impossible?

> Third: If quickenings left a blatant, obvious opening in astral space, what
> magician in his right mind would waste Karma on it?

Because it's harder to ground through.

> baddie could just baf! and you're ash. While with a spell lock, there's no
> 'conduit', and it can be masked, so spend 90k and don't waste the karma.

Why does everyone but me seem to think 90k is cheap?

> Why even have quickening in the first place if it's so easy to counter?

Why even have sustaining in the first place if it's so easy to counter?

> of the exsistance of this "conduit"). While all the rest of you who
> spout "that book breaks the rules" or "he doesn't know the rules to
his own
> game" out one side of the mouth, while out the other you say "gee, wouldn't
> it be cool to have dragons as player characters?"

Um, I don't think any book breaks the rules, and I think dragon PC's
are a bloody stupid idea.

> players who try to get away with anything just to be able to "win"...
> whatever that is.

Wait a minute. I'm think that quickenings can be grounded through. By
your own admission, this weakens them significantly. How am I trying
to get away with anything? Especially since I always played a mage

> As of now I am respectfully withdrawing myself from the ShadowRN list.

Um, if I did anything to cause this (I don't think I did), I'm sorry.
But if you don't want to read the 'grounding spells' thread or the
'dragon PC' thread, you don't have to, you know.


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