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From: The Deb Decker <RJR96326@****.UTULSA.EDU>
Subject: GURPS for Vehicles!!!
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1993 15:40:35 -0500
The list seems dead. In the interest of maintaining a pulse, I'm posting
a couple of vehicles I put together with GURPS vehicles. If anyone's interested
I can put together more; I'd like someone else to convert them into Srun terms.
To that end I've tried to keep things in real units and explain the arbitrary

*Main Battle Tank: Heavy or extra-heavy body; typical car has Light.

*They just get lighter and more expensive. There's cheap, Standard, Expensive.
*and advanced. Armor (bought separately) is rated similarly.

Typical Family Car (for reference)
I put this together. Typical cars are between 180-200 cf; sportscars
are ~120-150. The one listed in the book is battery-powered; this
one costs less and has far more endurance. I see it as vacationmobile,
the kind you can pack your camping gear into and get out of the sprawl
200 cf Light Standard Body
Loaded weight (assuming 150lbs per person): 2,645 lbs.
Acceleration: 5.6 mps
Deceleration: 10 mps
Top Speed: 120 mph
Cargo space: 7.8 cubic feet, 1,345 lbs.
Price: $10,750; $17,850 with all options, $19,350 with all options plus
Hi-sec burglar alarm.
Fair streamlining, powered wheels, 70Kw hydrogen fuel cell, 20 gallon Hydrogen
fuel tank (19 hours of fuel), 2xRoomy seats, 2xNormal seats, 4 crashwebs
(equivalent to airbags).
Average 10 pts of armor per side; will stop most pistol shots.
Environmental Control
Burglar Alarm
Laser Sensor (like a radar detector)
Interface Jack
Cellular Phone
Improved Brakes
Improved Suspension
(these detect changes in surface conditions and adjust tire
shape and size accordingly. They aid in performance.)
Computer w/following programs
Mechanic (diagnostics)
Area Knowledge (maps)

Ford Hunter Vertol Transport
I stole the name and function from Cyberpace, which my original
GURPS C-Punk campaign was based on (and still is, too an extent). The APC
version is used by the military to ferry in small platoons, using the GL to lay
suppresing fire on an LZ and the guns for defense. The Cargo version is used
by corps to carry material goods from mines and production sites to distribution
points. I down-sized the guns because they don't need that kind of firepower;
most of their opposition is eco-terrorists and rebels. The ejection seats were
added for the crew; the army doesn't want them because they might eject and
leave 20 men behind!
1000 cubic feet Medium Expensive Body
Loaded Weight (assuming 200 lbs per person): 35,580 lbs
Acceleration: 11.5 mps
Deceleration: 10 mps
Top Speed: 345 mph
Ceiling: 10,350 yds
Cargo Space: Varies (see below)
Endurance: 2.08 hours
No streamlining, sealed environment, 5x12,000 lbs/thrust (only 4 are used
at once), 2000 gallon tank of jet fuel (sealed), 2xNormal seats, 2xCrash Webs,
2xChaff dispensors, 2xFlare launchers, Compact Fire Extinguisher system, 1
man-day of life support, NBC filtering system, Radar Locater (detects and shows
where it's coming from), Light radar jammer, Short-range Ladar, Light
Amplification, Anti-collision radar, Inertial Navigation System, Secure
multiband radio (short range), IFF, searchlight, computer.

APC version:
*add the following
Cargo ramp, 2 25cf turrets w/full traverse, Average 175-200 points of armor
per side, stopping most low-calibre autocannon shots. In GURPS, shaped
charges divide armor by 10, laminate armor by 5. Casemate-mounted Light
Auto Grenade Launcher in front w/200 HE. High-Sec Burglar Alarm.
20xcramped seats. Basic IR cloaking.
Cargo: figuring 200lbs per man (including those in cramped seats:
6.9 cubic feet, 20 lbs.
Price: $7,249,750
Turrets: Each has 50mm Electro-Thermal autocannon firing optic-sensor
20 APFSDS CLGP (Cannon-Launched Guided Projectile) rounds that guide
themselves to the target. Also 10mm chaingun firing 500 APS. AC and CG
are linked in each turret to fire simultaneously if desired.

Cargo Version:
*add the following
2xejection seat (the Normal seats) Cargo ramp, High-sec alarm, 2 4cf turrets,
average 25-30 points standard armor that will stop assualt rifle rounds and
most MG fire.
Cargo: 5 tons less 92 lbs. 419.9 cubic feet.
Price: $6,943,290

Well, I'm running out of time. I still have a Highway Patrol car, a Battlesuit,
and a robot. Comments? I hope people have time to respond.

J Roberson
*For Traveller:
*It is easy to build a 6G unmanned spacecraft, for very little cost. Now,
*set this up about a parsec outside a star system, do a simple orbit
*plot of some target object (say an unihabited planet in the same system as
*a planet of 9 billion people), and start up the engines. In just over a
*year, it will hit your target at 99.88% of the speed of light, causing
*extensive disruption of the planet. The good part is, if the system
*defence can spot an object at 1 billion km, they'll have just over 4 seconds
*to react before it impacts. Besides which, there's not really anything they
*can do to deflect it.

* "The next one is aimed at *your* planet. Accede to our demands, or ..."

*Tim Little

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