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From: Jane Foster <immortal_elf@*******.COM>
Subject: Harlequins Back (was:Re: Best FASA adventure?)
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1998 20:02:25 PDT
James Ojaste Wrote:
>Second, and what we disliked most, was how arbitrary and random
>everything was. After a while, it gets to be "roll a die, even you
>make the right choice, odd you die" or "Oh, you strayed off the path?
>You're dead."

I noticed the same sudden-death thing happening, but I didn't use it. I
think FASA put that in there to make it variable for the really powerful
characters, as well as the type of game she wants to run. It even gives
a lethality adjuster (handling player death, pg 12). That's part of the
reason I liked it. It works for beginning players as a way to set the
tone of a campaign, or for experienced players who are looking for a
final run to tie up a four year campaign (when I moved). I guess what
I'm saying is that it had depth that's unusual for an RPG pre-made
adventure. Anyone else notice this? Or am I just biased by name?

-The Immortal Elf

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