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Message no. 1
From: Brian Angliss <angliss@******.PSU.EDU>
Subject: Here's my Martial Arts conversions from GURPS.
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 93 21:04:11 -0400
Here they are at last. Have fun, everybody.

This is the GURPS conversion of thier Martial Arts system into ShadowRun. I
+ made even the weakest martial art significantly more powerful than Unarmed
+ Combat and I run it as if it were a special skill that allows access to
+ multiple sub-skills and special abilities. Again, if you don't like what I
+ post ignore it or change it or flame it. If you like it, it's your's to use
+ as you see fit.

ShadowRun Martial Arts.

Martial arts is a form of combat, combining aspects of both armed and
+ unarmed with various combat maneuvers, skills, specialities, and philosophies.
+ They vary from pacifist to fanatic, unarmed to totally armed, and
+ everywhere in between. More importantly, they are substitutes for armed and
+ unarmed skills. More than one type of martial art is learnable, but
+ difficult to accomplish due to the extensive time needed to learn a martial
+ art.
Karma cost: these arts are learned at 2x next level for all levels,
+ just like General skills.
Time: for any art, the time to learn it is as usual. But ratings 1-6
+ don't require a sensei to personally teach the art to the character. Ratings
+ 7 and higher require personal attention by a teacher of greater stature.
+ Finding one willing to teach the character should be a long and ardous
+ process for many of the arts, and the cost in nuyen or time devoted to the
+ art and the teacher should be extensive.

Martial Art Skills: Some of the skills included below refer to the
+ expanded weapon list at the end of this file.
Breath Control: This skill, while not very powerful in itself, is a
+ prerequisite to many more powerful skills, but often serves as a focus to
+ meditation. For this reason Breath Control allows the Artist to hold thier
+ breath for an additional 60 seconds..
Fencing: this is a sub-skill of Armed, like several below, but without
+ the general skill, or even the concentration skill, to fall back on. This
+ skill allows the artist to use foils and similar weapons.
Stealth: this is just the general version of SR stealth.
Boxing: this skill increases the artist's damage code when punching a
+ person to [Str.+(1/2 artist`s skill)]M damage. It also adds 1/2 the artist`s
+ skill to any dodge involving an unarmed attack, but not to counterattacks.
Body Language. This skill gives the artist a -1 Target Number(
+ hereafter TN) to defend against all melee attacks, and this skill causes all
+ Feints(in the maneuver section) to fail automatically.
Garrote: this is the artist's ability to use ropes or wires to
+ strangle and _UNAWARE_ victim. Ropes do (Str+4)S stun every turn as well as
+ cutting off any non-gurgle vocal sounds. Wires do (Str+5)D stun AND (Str+4)M
+ physical damage every turn. Monofiliment garrotes do (Str+6)S physical
+ damage and have a nasty tendency to decapitate upon use.
Jitte/Sai: this is another unarmed subskill. It refers to an unbladed
+ fork that may or may not be sharp, but is designed to disarm an opponent.
+ When used to attack as a stab, it does only (Str-1)M, it has no reach, but is
+ at -2 TN to disarm an opponent using a sword or knife. It does not work
+ against axes and similar weapons.
Katana: this is a subskill allowing use of a Katana.
Kusari: yet another subskill, this allows the use of the kusari
+ explained in the end with the weapons.
Knife: this subskill is slightly better than your average Armed with
+ knives. Counterattacks with the knife are at 1.5xArt plus any pool and the
+ usual skill is used to attack, like normal.
Parry Missiles: this skill allows the artist to add 1/3 his/her skill
+ rating to impact armor vs. projectiles and thrown weapons. This requires a
+ hand held weapon with a +1 reach minimum unless the artist has armored
+ forearms or gloves. Basically, you tap the incoming weapon lightly with the
+ weapon, deflecting it and reducing its damage.
Philosophy: this is really just a catch-all skill that varies from one
+ Art to another.
Short Staff: this staff subskill allows the artist to use a one-handed
+ staff of one kind or another with great skill. It also allows using a second
+ stick for multiple attacks at no penulty for multiple attacks, but only while
+ hitting the same target and using a short staff(Duh...).
Shuriken: This subskill allows the throwing of shuriken only.
Tonfa: this subskill allows the using of any weapon similar in shape
+ to a billyclub.
Tournament Law: this is a knowledge skill relating to martial arts
+ tournament combat.
Yin/Yang Healing: This healing skill is the use of acupuncture/acu-
+ pressure, massage, and other stuff at specific body parts. It is able to
+ heal any level of stun wound at 3x normal rate, but is capable of healing
+ only up to a Moderate physical wound. Target numbers are 8-Essence of target.
Blind Fighting: This is the ability of a blind person or a blinded
+ person to fight as normal, in total darkness, etc. With this skill, all
+ visual target numbers are ignored in melee combat and similar situations.
Body Control: this skill allows the artist to enter a deathlike trance
+ after a base 10 turns of concentration for up to thier skill rating in hours.
+ Doctors need double their normal TNs to even realize that the artist is
+ alive. It also allows the artist to reduce the effective power of a chemical
+ agent by 1/3 their body and reduce the time needed to flush it out of their
+ body by half.
Breakfall: this skill reduces the damage taken from a throw or a fall
+ by adding its rating to the quickness and body tests to reduce damage.
Breaking Blow: this is the ability of the artist to find the stress
+ and weak points in physical objects, and then use them to break the object.
+ For use against barriers, the target number is the barrier rating, and the
+ total number of successes the artist gets is the number of points the barrier
+ gets reduced by. Maximum barrier effected in this way is the artist's (Str+1)
+ points at a time. If the attack goes against a target's armor, then only 1/
+ 3 of the target's armor is effective against the attack.. But this skill
+ requires a base number of ACTIONS of 10, reduced by the number of successes
+ the artist rolls.
Drunken Fighting: This is a very unusual, confusing attack that uses
+ its lurching style to reduce the attacker's TNs by 1 and increase the target'
+ s TNs by 2 for all melee. However, if the target also knows this skill, the
+ adjustments are unused and canceled. Also, artists with this skill at a
+ rating of 6 or higher can fight fully intoxicated with no target modifiers.
Meditation: This self-induced trance is a totally relaxed state in
+ which the artist is still able to react normally. It takes a base 10 turns
+ to set up, but grants an additional 3 dice to any and all mental tests while
+ meditating. Yes, this includes ritual sorcery and such.
Mental Strength: the artist is able to use his/her skill rating in
+ addition ot thier willpower to resist Mental spells and paranormal powers
+ that would effect the mind.
Power Blow: the artist is able to pull power from deep within to
+ increase the damage of any strike or kick by 1.5xStr. This can be used in
+ non- combat situations as well, but it costs the artist using it. It has a
+ Drain code of (1.5xStr)M stun due to the power and energy used.
Pressure Points: this attack does an effective (Str)S stun wound and
+ temporary paralysis. If used against a limb it is paralyzed for a base 10
+ turns if even a single success of damage remains uncountered. If the target
+ is the head or torso, a single un-countered success causes unconsciousness
+ for a base 10 hours. Reducing the time of paralysis has a TN of the artist's
+ skill rating.
Push: this skill allows the artist to shove away an attacker, doing no
+ damage, but pushing them up to the artist's Strx2 meters away, reduced by the
+ target's quickness test. If net successes go for the target, the push fails.

Special Skills: these skills are very powerful, and as such are not
+ gained until a minimum skill level has been achieved. This minimum level is
+ noted for all skills in the description of the Martial Art form.
Hand Of Death: this skill is only available to Physical Adepts, and it
+ is nasty. All that is required is that the artist touch the target, and
+ every hour thereafter, up to the artist's skill in hours, the target must
+ resist a physical wound of (Artist's skill rating)D. If the target survives
+ all the "attacks" or has Yin/Yang healing identify and heal the problem, then
+ the target is normal. Damage can be reduced normally but the wounds can only
+ be healed by Yin/Yang healing or by magic. The TN for the artist is Bodyx2
+ of the target, and only one success is necessary.
Immovable Stance: this skill allows the artist to anchor him/herself
+ to the ground. This allows him/her to resist all knockback attacks, throws,
+ and pushes, but not being picked up bodily.
Invisibility Art: this skill is based largely on stealth and a type of
+ hypnotism. Unfortunately, the artist needs a base stealth of 6 and hypnotism
+ of 6 to make this worthwile. The artist must use breath control or
+ meditation for a minumum of 3 seconds to achieve this, and every 3 extra
+ seconds increase the perception modifier for onlookers. Only slow movement(
+ regular movement rate-no running) is allowed. Normally, this raises
+ perception modifiers by the artist's skill after 3 seconds and +1 additional
+ every 3 second thereafter.
Light Walk: this skill allows the artist to walk over surfaces without
+ leaving footprints or tracks of any kind. Running is also possible, but at a
+ +2 TN and a -2TN for trackers to see tracks. Overall, this skill allows the
+ artist to increase all tracking target numbers by thier number of successes.
+ Theoretically, this skill could allow the artist to walk over thin ice or
+ suspended rice paper without breaking it, but there would need to be a lot of
+ successes.
Pressure Secrets: this is the ability to attack various pressure
+ points in the body, destroying nerve clusters, tearing ligaments, spraining
+ joints, and killing the target outright. Heavy armor stops most attacks,
+ except exposed areas like the throat and joints, and light armor adds its
+ impact rating to all TNs. If the attacks hits, it does (Artist's Skill+2/
+ 3Str)D physical wound. If this is to the head or neck, the wound will kill.
+ If it hits another part, treat it as a deadly wound to the limb("One hit and
+ I need a new leg?!) or to a vital organ, possibely killing the target(vital
+ organ damage only). While armor raises the target numbers for the attack, it
+ offers no protection once hit and the damage must be totally done with Body.
Throwing Art: this skill goes beyond your usual throwing skill,
+ enabling the artist to turn anything into a lethal weapon, like credstiks,
+ coins, pencils, cards, etc. Damage varies from object to object, but the
+ minimum is (Str-1)L or 2L. Generally, your normal throwing weapons do an
+ additional +1/3 skill to the power of the attack.
Dual Weapon Attack: this skill is necessary to attack two separate
+ targets without ambidexterity. The artist is at +1 TN to attack each target
+ instead of the usual +2 TN.
Misc. Weapon Skills: These are just like any of the normal weapon
+ skills, but just allow use of the weapon in case I forgot a few(like I know I
+ did).

Maneuvers: These are the basic combat techinques used by a martial artist.
Arm/Wrist Lock: This attack pits the artist's skill rating against the
+ target's Quickness/Skill rating in an attempt to grapple the arm/wrist. If
+ successful, the artist can proceed to break the limb or cause extreme pain or
+ whatever.
Back Kick: this kick does (Str)M to a target behind the artist, at a +
+ 3TN. It is primarily a defensive kick for use against unsuspecting attackers.
Diarming: this allows the artist, unarmed, to disarm an opponent.
+ This can only be done as a counterattack, and does no damage. But the
+ counter attack must get more successes than the attack, and then the attacker
+ gets a Strength check to hold onto the weapon. Target numbers are as usual
+ for the counterattack, but the attacker's strength target numbers are the
+ higher of the artist's Skill rating or his/her strength.
Drop Kick: this kick uses both feet in an attempt to knock the target
+ down. But regardless of the success, or lack thereof, the attacker falls
+ down. Damage is (Str+4)S stun, and the reach is +1. The attacker must move
+ a minimum of 1 meter befor using this attack.
Ear Clap: this attack is a two-handed box to the ears, deafening the
+ target and causing a (Str+2)M stun wound. Damped hearing negates the
+ deafening effect but not the stun, and the base time of deafness is 10 turns,
+ reduced by body.
Elbow Strike: this attack is primarily against rear attackers, doing a
+ (Strx1.5)M stun wound, and an additional Damage category if hitting the head
+ or neck. Frontal strikes with the elbow do (Str+1)M stun.
Ground Fighting: this allows the artist to perform various fighting
+ maneuvers while prone. It also eliminates the usual +2/-2 target modifiers
+ for the defender/attacker while the artist is prone.
Hand Block: this maneuver adds +2 impact armor to all non-armed melee
+ attacks.
Strike: this is your basic punch, doing a (Str)M stun wound.
Head Butt: this is a head-to-head attack, doing (Str-1)S stun to the
+ target, but if the target is successful in taking no damage or in
+ counterattacking, the artist takes the same damage to him/herself. It is
+ only really usable in grapple combat, and is a near certain way to break a
+ hold/ grapple.
Groin Strike: this allows the artist to suffer only a +2 TN to hit
+ this sensetive body area instead of the normal +4 TN. This strike does a
+ base (Str+2)D stun wound. Regardless of the outcome, the target is at a +1
+ Target modifier for a base 10 turns, reduced by willpower.
Nose Strike: this strike is at the normal +4 TN to hit, but is also
+ likely to cause extreme pain(+2 TN) and blurry vision to any person with tear
+ ducts(+2 TN to all vision mods). Damage is only (Str+2)M stun.
Hook Kick: this kick is a pivot on a foot, followed by a regular
+ damage kick[(Str)S stun]. However, if the kick is dodged, the attacker must
+ roll a quickness or applicable skill to avoid losing their balance.
Arm Flip: this throw does a base damage of (Str+1/2 Target's Body)M
+ stun damage and the target ends up prone.
Disbalance Throw: this throw uses the target's own momentum and the
+ artist's strength to do damage. It does (Str+2+1/2 Target's Body)S stun if
+ the target hits an upright barrier and does a (Str+1+1/3 Target's Body)S stun
+ if the target ends up landing on the ground. Either way, the target ends up
+ prone.
Spin Flip: This throw literally combines the arm flip and the
+ disbalance throw into a single toss. Effects are loss of breath for a turn(+
+ 2 TN) upon impact and (Str+1+2/3 Target's Body)S stun damage.
Jump Kick: this really nasty kick does a base (Strx2)D stun or a (
+ Strx1.5)M physical wound to the target, but it requires a minimum of 1 meter
+ of movement to work properly. If the attacker misses the target, he/she may
+ fall down unless a Quickness/Skill roll is successful. If the kick connects,
+ then the target falls unless a Quickness/skill test with a target number of (
+ Artist's Str+Skill Rating) is successful. This fall is regardless of damage.
Regular Kick: This kick does the normal damage of (Str)S.
Leg Grapple: this really nasty grab is essentially the holding of a
+ kick to body. All further attacks and defenses of the grappled person are at
+ +4 TN and the grappler's target numbers are at -2 to hit or do whatever to
+ the grappled person. This is basically a counterattack where the net
+ successes determine if the defender takes damage or catches the kick and
+ takes no damage.
Shin Kick: this kick uses the shin as the striking area instead of the
+ foot, doing more damage. Most kicks can be come shin kicks. Damage is at +2
+ Power Level.
Spin Kick: this kick is a full 360 degree version of the hook kick,
+ doing (Str)D stun due to the extra power generated.
Leg Sweep: this attack attempts to knock out a leg or two out from
+ under the target. The target number for the artist is the target's Strength,
+ and the target resists with their Quickness or an applicable skill. If
+ successful, the target is prone and they take a(Their Bodyx1.5)M stun wound.
Flying Jump Kick: this is an enhance version of the flying kick,
+ allowing the artist to move a minimum of 2 meters and then jump at the target.
+ Damage is as the Jump Kick, but with an additional +1 Power level for every
+ meter more than the minimum moved. However, if the artist misses, then he/
+ she will unless a gymnastics/acrobatics test vs. a TN of (Meters movedx2.5)
+ is successful, and the artist will also take a base (Meters movedx1.5)M
+ physical wound upon falling. Breakfall would reduce this falling damage
+ normally.

Martial Arts Styles, Uniforms, and Grading systems

Uniforms: the usual uniform is the "gi", a white or black jacket and
+ pants. Men and women both wear this uniform. Other uniforms are discussed
+ as necessary in the styles.
Grading System: The way my grading system is listed below is based off
+ of the only system I know, that of Tang Soo Do.
White Belt: Rating 1
Orange Belt: Rating 2
Green Belt: Rating 3
Brown Belt: Rating 4
Red Belt: Rating 5
Blue Belt: Rating 6
Black Belt, Grade 1: Rating 7

As a note on ratings, the higher the rating the martial artist, the
+ fewer there are and the harder it gets to improve. Beyond a Black Belt,
+ Grade 3 or 4(Rating 9+), the reputation of the artist is unhidable and anyone
+ not over, say... 30, will be laughed at unless proof of Grade can be offered.

Styles: Listed below are the styles for several dozed martial arts
+ forms. These are oversimplified versions of the true martial art forms, but
+ they are better than nothing. Any special skills followed by a number(#)
+ mean that the number is the skill rating when that special skill is earned/
+ learned. It is assumed that all these forms are capable of the Strike and
+ Regular Kick maneuver.

Aikido: this is a throwing art that uses various techniques to "
+ persuade" an opponent to be thrown.
Skills: Katana, Sword, Breakfall, Philosophy(Shinto), Staff
Manuevers: Arm Lock, Disbalance throw, arm flip, spin flip, shoulder
+ throw
Special Skills: Immovable Stance(8), Pressure Points(9), Push(7),
+ Pressure Secrets(10)

An Ch'i: this is a secret Chinese style that concentrates on hidden
+ weapons and gadgets. It specializes in thrown weapons and methods of
+ concealing them. This is not meant to be used alone due to its highly
+ limited repitoire of stuff.
Skills: Throwing, Concealment, BlowPipe
Maneuvers: Groin strike(thrown weapons only)
Special skills: Throwing Art(8), Pressur Points(7-throwing only)

Capoeira: this is an African art originally, and is heavy on the
+ acrobatics.
Skills: Acrobatics, Knife, Staff, Power blow
Maneuvers: ground fighting, leg sweep, spin kick
Special Skills: none

Chin Na: this style is mostly arm locks and disabling techniques.
+ Medical training allows the artist to perform various different blows
+ extremely well.
Skills: Philosophy(Zen Buddhism/Taoism), Meditation, Breath Control,
+ Yin/Yang Healing
Maneuvers: arm lock, groin/nose strike
Special Skills: Pressure Points(6), Breaking Blow(7), Pressure Secrets(
+ 9), Hand of Death(10), Power Blow(8)

Escrima: this style is a Philippine art of oppressed people, used
+ primarily with short staves or knives. It is based on the idea that the
+ opponent is armed, and that the attacks are designe to disarm more than
+ damage.
Skills: Knife, Short Staff
Maneuvers: arm lock, elbow strike, groin/nose strike, disarming
Special Skills: Pressure Points(limbs only-9), Power Blow(8), Mental
+ Strength(10)

Hapkido: this is a "new" Korean style that is a combination of many
+ Korean styles and has been adapted by many law-enforcement groups.
Skills: Acrobatics
Maneuvers: back kick, hook kick, jump kick, leg sweep, spin kick
Special Skills: Power Blow(10)

Jeet Kune Do: this style is known for its founder, Bruce Lee, and the
+ fact that it is one of the lease restrictive of all styles.
Skills: Staff, Katana, Any other Marial Art Weapon Skill
Maneuvers: back kick, elbow strike, groin strike, hook kick, jump kick,
+ spin kick
Special Skills: Breaking Blow(8), Immovable Stance(7), Pressure Points(
+ 9), Mental Strength(10)

Judo: this is a popular art and common in America, emphasizing throws
+ and locks.
Skills: Tournament Law, Meditation, Breakfall
Maneuvers: arm lock, ground fighting, every Throw, leg grapple
Special Skills: none

Jujutsu: this style is arguabley the oldest form of Japan. It was
+ part of military training for hundreds of years. Nowadays, it includes most
+ of the old forms and several new ones.
Skills: Katana, any three of the below: Axe-Mace/Flail/Jitte-sai/
+ Spear/Tonfa
Maneuvers: arm lock, back kick, diarming, spin kick
Special Skills: Power Blow(8), Pressure Points(9), Pressure Secrets(10)

Kalari: this is primarily an Indian form and is closely tied to
+ Hinduism. The practicioners of this art traditionally fight smeared with oil,
+ giving and attacke +2 TN to get a grapple, hold, or lock on them. It is
+ rarely if ever taught outside of India.
Skills: Theology(Hinduism), Meditation, Breath Control, Blind Fighting,
+ Body Control, Mental Strength, Power Blow, any three of the following:
+ Knife/ Sword/Spear/Staff/Club
Maneuvers: arm lock, elbow strike, shin kick, Spin Kick
Special Skills: Pressure Points(7), Pressure Secrets(8)

Karate: this originally Okinawan art form is mostly an empty form, but
+ not always. It is a wide ranging form and is diverse in maneuvers.
Skills: Tournament Law, Philosophy(Shinto), any 1 of the following:
+ Knife/Axe/Flail/Jitte-sai/Tonfa
Maneuvers: back kick, elbow strike, hook kick, spin kick, jump kick
Special Skills: Breaking Blow(8), Mental Strength(7), Power Blow(9)

Kempo: this is unofficially considered Japanese Boxing. It is another
+ diverse art form based in the Shaolin tradition of empty hand combat.
Skills: Philosophy(Zen Buddhism), Meditation, Staff, Breath Control,
+ Yin/Yang Healing, Mental Strength
Maneuvers: arm lock, spin kick
Special Skills: Body Control(8), Breaking Blow(7), Power Blow(9),
+ Pressure Points(10)

Kendo: this is a primarily Katana oriented art, and is considered a
+ Sword art totally.
Skills: Katana, Meditation, Power Blow(w/Katana), Parry Missiles,
+ Breath control
Maneuvers: Neck Strike(+2 TN only w/katana)
Special Skills: none

Kobujutsu: this martial art specializes in the teaching of Okinawan
+ weapons like Nunchaku, Sai, etc. It also precedes karate.
Skills: Staff, any 2 of the following: Axe/Flail/Jittte-sai/Tonfa/
+ Spear, Karate or Jujutsu
Maneuvers: Dual weapon attack
Special Skills: none

Kuk Sool Won: this popular Korean form combines several traditional
+ styles and their best aspects. The gum sword is highly revered, as many
+ students are taught the forging of this sword as well as its use.
Skills: Katana, Staff, Throwing, Philosophy(Buddhism), Yin/Yang Healing
Maneuvers: arm lock, back kick, jump kick, groin/nose strike, spin kick
Special Skills: Mental Strength(7), Power Blow(8), Pressure Points(9),
+ Throwing Art(10)

Kuntao: this Indonesian form traces its roots to the large Chinese
+ groups in the islands, and is in direct competition with Pentjak Silat. It
+ is a closely guarded, secret martial art.
Skills: any three of the following: Sword/Fencing/Flail/Knife/Staff/
+ Throwing/Whip, Breath Control, Philosophy(Buddhism/Taoism)
Maneuvers: arm lock, back kick, jump kick, spin kick, flying jump kick
Special Skills: Body Control(9), Breaking Blow(7), Hand of Death(10),
+ Pressure Points(6), Pressure Secrets(8)

Kyudo: this is a bowmasters art, and all the skills and such are used
+ only in conjuction with a bow. This art is almost always used with another
+ art.
Skills: Bow, Meditation, Philosophy(Zen Buddhism), Breath Control
Maneuvers: none
Special Skills: Body Control(8), Mental Strength(7), Pressure Points(9)

Military Hand-to-Hand: this is a very limited martial art that is
+ generally only taught to elite military units or security forces.
Skills: Knife, Stealth, Climbing, Garrote, Tonfa
Maneuvers: disarm, arm lock
Special Skills: none

Muay Thai(Thai kickboxing): this is a very brutal kickboxing form that
+ is a powerful self-defense style, but most of the users of this form are in
+ it for the money.
Skills: Combat Sense(+1Die Combat Pool)
Maneuvers: back kick, elbow strike, hook kick, jump kick, groin/nose
+ strike, shin kick, spin kick, flying jump kick
Special Skills: none

Ninjutsu: this is the art form of the Ninja, specializing in espionage
+ and stealth. The regular uniform is actually anything that would help the
+ ninja to appear innocuous.
Skills: Stealth, Disguise, Athletics, Breath Control, Meditation,
+ Forgery, Mental Strength, Power Blow, any 4 of the following: Blowpipe/Bow/
+ Garrote/Katana/Knife/Kusari/Lasso/Shuriken/Throwing/Staff/Jitte-sai/Spear/
+ Flail/ Tonfa.
Maneuvers: agressive parry, arm lock, back kick, ear clap, elbow
+ strike, ground fighting, head butt, groin/nose strike, jump kick, spin kick
Special Skills: Blind Fighting(8), Breaking Blow(5), Invisibility Art(
+ 9), Light Walk(6), Pressure Points(7), Pressure Secrets(10), Hand of Death(11)
+ , Throwing Art(12)

Pakua: this style is very rare in the West, and it is closely related
+ to T'ai Chi. Its very stance and movements are derived from Taoism.
Skills: Meditation, Philosophy(Taoism), Mental Strength, Power Blow,
+ Breath Control, Sword
Maneuvers: arm lock
Special Skills: Immovable Stance(6), Push(8)

Pancratium/Mu Tau: this is an ancient form, dating back to classical
+ Rome and Greece. It combines all the worst and brutal aspects of the worst
+ forms.
Skills: Philosophy(Platonic, Stoic, etc.), Power Blow
Maneuvers: arm lock, groin/nose strike
Special Skills: Breaking Blow(4), Immovable Stance(6)

Pentjak Silat: this virtually unknown style is native to the Malaysian
+ Archipelago. It is very letha due largely to the fact that it has been used
+ in actual combat up to the present. It emphasizes speed and agility over
+ strength. Practitioners also get a reduction of 1 level for all terrain
+ modifiers from their extensive training on rough terrain.
Skills: Body Language, Hypnosis, Acrobatics, Mental Strength, Power
+ Blow, 2 of the following: Jitte-sai/Kusari/Short Staff/Staff/Whip
Maneuvers: arm lock, back kick, elbow strike, ground fighting, jump
+ kick, spin kick, leg sweep
Special Skills: Breaking Blow(7), Pressure Points(8), Pressure Secrets(
+ 10)

Savate: this French style is as old as boxing, and is older than many
+ Asian forms. It mixes kicking and boxing elements for a style that rivals
+ many
other forms.
Skills: Boxing, Cane(staff), Fencing
Maneuvers: back kick, groin/nose strike, jump kick, spin kick

Shaolin Kung Fu: this is the "original" martial art, supposedly taught
to the Shaolin monks by Buddha himself. Due to its longevity, it is very
+ powerful. The true practitioners of Shaolin Kung Fu have matching brands on
+ their forearms, a tiger on one and a dragon on the other. Only Shaolin Kung
+ Fu artists of over rating 7 have this, and they can only over a 7 at the
+ actual temple. The testing is extensive and dangerous, but then again, so is
+ this Art.
Skills: Philosophy(Buddhism), Meditation, Acrobatics, Breath Control,
+ Spear, Staff, Stealth, Power Blow, Theology(Buddhism), Throwing, Bow, Sword,
+ Yin/Yang Healing
Maneuvers: arm lock, back kick, hook kick, jump kick, spin kick,
+ flying jump kick
Special Skills: Blind Fighting(6), Breaking Blow(4), Drunken Fighting(
+ 9), Pressure Points(3), Pressure Secrets(7), Light Walk(5), Invisibility Art(
+ 8), Hand of Death(11), Throwing Art(10)

Tae Kwon Do: this art is very similar to karate with the large variety
+ of strikes with an emphasis on high kicks. It is very common and popular.
Skills: Acrobatics, Tournament Law(Tae Kwon Do), Power Blow
Maneuvers: back kick, elbow blow, jump kick, spin kick, flying jump
+ kick
Special Skills: Breaking Blow(8)

T'ai Chi Chuan: this style is relatively popular, but is more artistic
+ and theraputic than combative. But its very graceful and circular movements
+ are still nasty when used in combat.
Skills: Meditation, Philosophy(Zen or Taoism), Push, Breath Control,
+ Yin/Yang Healing, Spear, Staff, Mental Strength
Maneuvers: arm lock
Special Skills: Body Control(5), Immovable Stance(7), Pressure Points(
+ 9)

White Crane Kung Fu: this is another style of Kung Fu, also called Pak
+ Hok as it was originally based off the movements of the crane. The style is
+ always defensive at the start, followed by a fully committed attack, meaning
+ that this art rarely, if ever, attacks first.
Skills: Philosophy(Taoism), Meditation, Breath Control, 3 of the
+ following: Knife/Sword/Spear/Staff/Whip
Maneuvers: back kick, jump kick, spin kick
Special Skills: none

Wing Chun Kung Fu: this martial art is very old, and is primarily for
+ close-in fighting, but it still has several weapon skills.
Skills: Knife, Sword, Meditation, Breath Control, Staff, Philosophy(
+ Zen Buddhism), Mental Strength
Maneuvers: arm lock, back kick, elbow strike, spin kick, dual weapon
+ attack
Special Skills: Immovable Stance(9), Pressure Points(8), Pressure
+ Secrets(10), Power Blow(7)

*****---As a note on all the above skills and special skills: the skills are
+ all granted with the real skill of the Martial Art. What this means is that
+ an artist in Wing Chun Kung Fu gets all the skills and maneuvers at his/her
+ rating when they get Rating 1. Special skills are added when the artist
+ reaches the Rating level in () after the skill. All the maneuvers, skills,
+ and special skills are included in the karma and learning time for the
+ martial art.---*****

Martial Arts weapons: the following is a list of weapons, broken down by type
+ and available in the modern world. All necessary information is included for
+ game purposes, and are Seattle price based. All relevant martial arts
+ weapons from the SR sourcebooks are included for ease of use. Descriptions
+ follow the tables.

Conceal. Reach Damage Weight Avail. Cost Index
Jiann 4 1 (Str+2)M 1 5/4d 1200 2
Dau 3 1 (Str+4)M 2 7/1wk 2000 2
Hook Sword 4 1 Special 1.25 5/4d 1000 2
Butterfly sword 5 1 (Str+1)M .75 6/4d 800 2
Katana 3 1 (Str+3)M 1 4/48h 1000 2
Long Katana 2 2 (Str+3)M 1.5 6/48h 2000 2.5
Wakazashi 4 0 (Str+3)M .75 4/48h 1000 2
Bokken 3 1 (Str+4)Sstn 1.25 5/4d 1000 2
Shinai 3 1 (Str+1)Mstn .6 4/48h 200 1.5
Gum 3 1 (Str+3)M 1 3/48h 1200 1.5
2 1 (Str+3)M 1 4/48h 1200 1.5
Dan Sang Gum 4 0 (Str+2)M .6 4/48h 1000 1.5
Bolo 4 1 (Str+4)M 2 6/72h 1500 2.5
Parang 4 1 (Str+4)M 1.75 6/72h 1500 2.5
Ninja-to 4 1 (Str+3)M .6 9/2wk 5000 1
Katar 6 0 (Str+2)L .4 9/48h 600 2
Hishi 9 0 (Str)L .4 7/48h 500 2
Kozuka 12 0 (Str-1)L .2 7/24h 400 2
Sai 8 0 (Str-1)M .5 8/48h 600 2
Balisong(Butterfly) 9 0 (Str)L .5 2/2h 75 .5
Kris 8 0 (Str+1)L .6 10/4d 750 2.5
Pisau 9 0 (Str)L .5 8/48h 500 2
Badik 8 0 (Str)L .5 10/3d 750 2
Dah-Dau - 2 (Str+2)S 3.5 12/1w 2000 3
Southern Tiger Fork - 2 (Str+4)S 4.5 12/1w 2500 3
Chiang Spear - 2 (Str)S 2 8/24h 1000 2
Naganata - 2 (Str+3)S 4 12/2w 2000 3
Rochin 2 1 (Str)S 2 8/24h 1000 2
Yari - 2 (Str+1)S 2.25 9/24h 1000 2
Kusari 4 3 (Str+3)M 3.5 5/12h 300 1.5
Kusari-Gama 3 2 (Str+2)M 2.5 8/24h 800 2
+(Str+1)M blade +entangle
Cable Whip 4 2 (Str)S 1.5 14/1w 1600 2
Kausin Ke 4 1 (Str+3)S 3 9/48h 5000 2.5
Tri Staff 2 1-2 (Str+1)Sstn 3 9/48h 200 2
Nunchaku 5 1 (Str+1)Sstn 1 5/24h 80 .8
Yueh-Ya-Chaan: - 1-2 (Str+2)M 2.5 8/4d 1500 2.5
and/or (Str+2)Sstn(2 attacks)
Bo: - 2 (Str+3)Sstn 4 5/24h 100 1
Jitte 4 1 (Str-1)M 1 6/48h 200 2
or Disarm
Escrima Stick 4 0 (Str)Mstn .75 5/6h 50 1
Muchan 4 0 (Str+2)Lstn 1 4/6h 50 1
Bong 2 2 (Str+2)Mstn 2 3/24h 50 1
Tonfa 5 1 (Str+2)Mstn 1 3/6h 25 1
Kama-sickle 4 1 (Str+1)S 2 8/48h 250 2
Special Weapons:
Combat Fan 8 0 special .8 10/3d 1300 2
Garrote 10 0 Special .15 varies varies 1
Ranged/Throwing weapons: Reach=Range:
Dai-Kyu 2 Bow (Str+3)M 1.5 8/48h 800 2
Yarinage 2 Thrown (Str+2)S 1.75 9/48h 1000 2
Paku 8 Thrown (Str+1)L .25 6/48h 100 2
Fukiya 5 Thrown Special .5 8/24h 150 2
Water Blowgun 5 Thrown Special .6 8/24h 200 2
Half Bow 5 1/2Bow (Str)M .6 10/4d 750 2
Shuriken 8 Thrown (Str)L .25 2/24h 30 2

Weapon Descriptions:
Jiann: this sword is used with Fencing skill, and is used primarily
+ for thrusting. It is used extensively in T'ai Chi and is Chinese.
Dau: this is a heavy scimitar type weapon and is only single edged.
+ It is Chinese.
Hook Sword: this is a blunt weapon with a hook on its tim, used
+ specifically to disarm a person using a Jitte or Sai. The blade does a (Str+
+ 2)S stun and the handguard does (Str)M due to its being edged. But the
+ handguard doesn't have the +1 Reach. It is also chinese.
Butterfly Sword: these are heavy, sabre like choppers, used most often
+ in pairs, and they are the favorite of Wing Chun adepts. They are chinese.
Katana: this is just your average katana. It is Japanese.
Wakazashi: this is the companion sword to the Katana, shorter and
+ mostly used for self-defense. It is japanese.
Bokken: this is actually a wooden version of the Katana that is
+ potentially just as dangerous. It is japanese.
Shinai: this is a bound, straight bamboo practice weapon, used much
+ more extensively than the bokken in training. It is also japanese.
Gum: this sword can be either single-edged and curved like the katana,
+ or double-edged and straight, depending. The straight version has the lower
+ concealibility. It is Korean.
Dan Sang Gum: these are very similar to butterfly swords, but you are
+ more likely to find them used singly than in pairs like butterfly swords.
+ They are korean.
Bolo: this is very similar to a machete. It is phillipine.
Parang: basically another machete. It is indonesian.
Ninja-to: this is a straighter version of the Wakazashi, and it often
+ has a built-in fukiya in its scabbard, as well as a throwing knife or two.
+ It is Japanese/ninja.

Katar: this is a dagger with a grip that is perpendicular to its
+ triangular blade like [}>, not -}>. It is indian.
Hishi: this is a small japanese dagger, often carried by women(in
+ Japan)
Kuzuka: this is a small knife carried in the same scabbard as a katana,
+ originally used to carry home the head of an enemy.
Sai: this is a knife-sized, forked disarming baton, with a short
+ stabbing point. It is japanese.
Balisong: this is the original butterfly knife, but it was originally
+ encased in polished bone, ivory, or hardwood and they are often used in pairs.
+ They are phillipine.
Kris: this distinctive knife has a serpentine blade and is indonesian.
Pisau: this indonesian blade is commonly used in Pentjak Silat sytles.
+ It is designed to be concealed.
Badik: this unusual Indonesian knife has a pistol-like grip, enabling
+ the user to resist disarming attempts against it at -1 TN.

Dah-Dau: this is a chinese halberd very similar to the naginata.
Southern Tiger Fork: this chinese weapon is very top heavy, so it is
+ at a permanent +1 TN to use it. It has three spikes, much like a circular
+ trident, set in the head of the fork.
Chiang(spear): this is your basic spear.
Naginata: this is a polearm that was the common weapon for women to
+ use in Japan.
Rochin: this is a short spear that is used one-handed. It is japanese.
Yari: just another type of spear, but this one is japanese.

Kusari: this is a weighted chain, very long and very dangerous. It
+ needs several meters of wide open area to be usable. It entangles the target
+ or the target's arm/weapon depending on the hit, but can also be used as a
+ flail doing (Str+1)S without the entangling. It takes an action to retract
+ and ready, so it can only really be used every other action. It is yet
+ another japanese weapon.
Kusaari-Gama: this weapon attaches a sickle weapon to the end of the
+ chain, and is still japanese.
Cable Whip: not necessarily a martial art weapon, this is a coil of
+ tapering stainless steel cable. It is just as flexible as any other whip.

Kausin Ke: this is a japanese flail type weapon of heavy wooden or
+ metal cylinders of 4-6" length connected by short lengths of chain.
Tri-Staff: this is effectively a three part nunchaku, enabling the
+ attacker to use it as a strike twice with a +1 reach or a single attack with
+ a +2 reach. It is chinese.
Nunchaku: this consists of 2 pieces of pipe or wood joined by a short
+ section of chain or rope. It is japanese.

Yueh-Ya-Chaan(Monk's Spade): this staff has a crescent blade on one
+ end and a spade-like blade on the other, allowing two attacks. It is chinese.
Bo: this is a man-sized bamboo staff, and it is japanese.
Jitte: this is a much larger version of the Sai. It is japanese
Escrima Sticks: while there are several types of these sticks, these
+ seem to cover them all. They are just one-handed, medium length sticks,
+ always paired. Damage wise, they do almost nothing, but the double attack
+ and the skill(Short Staff) is what makes them so nasty. These are phillipine,
+ but others vary.
Muchan: this is a short, 2-handed weapon used mostly for parrying
+ blows. It is indian.
Bong: this is a Korean quarterstaff.

Tonfa: an oriental billyclub.

Kama: this is a long-handled sickle. Short versions attached to
+ chains are called Kusari-Gama. It is Japanese.

Special Weapons:
Garrote: these are short lengths of rope, wire, or monofiliment used to
+ choke and/or kill some poor soul. Damage is as described in the Garrote
+ section above.
Combat Fan: this is a hardwood folding fan to which metal blades have
+ been added, giving it both cutting and blunt damage. It is not at all
+ uncommon to poison these Korean toys.

Ranged Weapons:
Dai-Kyu: this is a composite longbow that is assymetrical, being
+ designed for use on horseback. It is japanese.
Yarinage: this is a japanese javelin.
Paku: this is a short, sharpened stick or metal dowel that is thrown
+ like a knife, but it is sharp at both ends.
Fukiya: this is a 2-3' long bamboo blowgun that fires toxin laced
+ darts. It is used by ninjas.
Water Blowgun: this is a fukiya that has been modified to handle and
+ throw liquids. It is also a ninja weapon.
Half Bow: this short bow is small enough to be hidden up the sleeve of
+ a kimono. Its range is reduced, but it fires normal arrows for normal damage.
+ It is japanese.
Shuriken: these are throwing stars.

Special Ninja Weaponry and other goodies: the ninja are, even in 2050, the
+ feared masters of the night(behind only vampires, of course). They use
+ unusual explosives, weapons, and poisons to achieve their goal, whatever it
+ may be.
Explosives: modern day ninja could do without this small arsenel of
+ explosives, but they are included in the martial art form and allow the ninja
+ to generate various types of grenades upon demand.
Endema Powder: this gunpowder mix creates dense smoke when ignited.
+ It takes the ninja a base 1 hour per dose to make this type of powder, and
+ one dose only covers a 3m radius sphere. Winds dissapate it quickly, and
+ they are nowhere near as powerful as real smoke grenades.
Hidama Powder: this blackpowder mix creates a bright flash when
+ ignited, blinding people around the flash. Mising time is the same as Endema
+ powder. Flare compensation stops the effect.
Onobi Powder: this also generates a flash of fire when ignited, but it
+ is more suited to the fukiya as a short ranged flame thrower. Mixing takes
+ the same time as Endema powder.
Ninjas are capable of making more lethal types of grenades than just
+ flash and smoke. Ordinance type grenades can be made at a base 1 grenade/2
+ hours, and they do 12M damage, and they are all defensive type. Land mines
+ can also be made, at a 1 mine/4hours, and they do 2 12S wounds, stun AND
+ physical.
Explosive Arrows, while now capable of doing damage to armored targets,
+ are used by ninjas to distract. Large amounts of Hidama/Endama arrows fired
+ at once(10+ arrows) create large amounts of smoke, noise, and flashes.
Poisons have been used by ninjas for as long as there have been ninjas.
+ They are capable of purchasing all available toxins and poisons for 1/2
+ Street value, as well as manufacturing the following toxins:
Masuizaki Powder: this powder, if taken internally, causes drousiness
+ and sleep for several hours. Every dose does 3 hours of sleep. Every
+ willpower+ toxin extractor success vs. a TN of 8 reduces time of sleeping by
+ 15 minutes. Up to 4 doses can be used at once, and this powder takes a base
+ 1 hour/dose to manufacture. If burned outside, the effect is a +1 TN due to
+ the open air. If burned inside, the effect is like being taken internally,
+ but to all within the area of the smoke.
Viper Venom: this is a snake poison used on arrows and missile weapons.
+ Damage varies from one snake to another.
Fugu-V: this can be manufactured by the ninja if he/she can catch the
+ blowfish and slow cook the bladder and various other glands. Each fish can
+ generate up to 100 doses of toxin.
Lacquer: this is a contact poison, causing a +2 TN due to a poison ivy
+ type rash on the affected parts. If burnedor exploded, it causes itching and
+ sneezing for a base 10 minutes, effectively causing a major distraction and a
+ +3 TN to all tactile tests and a +4 TN to all olfactory tests in addition to
+ the normal problems of a distraction.
Other goodies include the stereotypical bamboo snorkel. Climbing
+ spikes on the hands and feet allow the ninja or climber/artist to scale
+ totally sheer wooden walls and reduce climbing numbers on other surfaces by -
+ 2. Gliders allow the artists to fly into otherwise secure areas, and, for
+ enough money, the glider can be made radar absorptive. But really, anything
+ can be used by a martial artist somehow. Just use your brains.



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