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Message no. 1
From: J. Keith Henry neojudas@******************.com
Subject: HHH Art Contest Winners
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 02:39:26 -0500
After a *HUGE* delay on our parts (sickness, death in family, business
establishment, server designations and numerous arguments over DNS directory
pointers being mismatched... UNIX is a power to be respected and
FEARED!!!)... it is with no small amount of satisfaction that the members of
Hoosier Hacker House would like to announce the winner of the recent Art
Logo Contest.

Stefan has claimed first prize... which is headed up by a copy of the
Shadowrun 3rd Edition hardback (mint) as well as logo t-shirt(s) and various
other goodies we can afford to him.

We also want to thank the everyone who participated and even more so those
whom voted or contacted me with their questions and concerns about the
artwork. The primary runners' up, Wordman, Shane(Mike) and Arclight will be
receiving secondary prizes (t-shirts, SR Game books and other thanks) after
we get in touch with them all appropriately.

And, just to make sure they do so... would all four of the finalists please
email me directly so I can make appropriate shipping arrangements where
necessary and fulfill other requirements that we need to partake in.

And one additional consideration we would like to take at this time. To
Wordman, a very special note of regards and thanks as he has also made it
possible for the developing company of THREEH.COM to have a legitimized
company logo as well. Additional regards to Mr. Ward will be made as well.

Once more to all those whom submitted materials (ranging from pencil
sketches to a nightmarish FLASH entry that we simply could not consider no
matter how neat it was), our deepest regards and expressions of gratitude go
out to you all.

And for anyone that wants to actually see the winning art selection, and the
first place it will be appearing, just point your web browsers to

J. Keith Henry ("K", "NeoJudas")
Hoosier Hacker House (

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