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Message no. 1
From: Fractal <fractal.fighter@********.COM.BR>
Subject: Hi Again, and news from Mike Mulvihill (FASA)
Date: Sun, 25 May 1997 11:53:56 -0300
Hi there! It has been quite a while that I've unsubscribed the list,
but now I'm back.
Yesterday and today we had an international RPG convention here in Sao
Paulo (Brazil). The international guest was Michael Mulvihill (from
FASA). As I'm the Biggest Shadowrun Game master in Brazil (literally!
I'm 6'10" [2.08 mts]:) I had to go there.
I liked him a lot! he is VERY friendly. When I said that I used to sign
this mailing list he asked to send a hug to you all.He also bought with
him the Demo version of the SR CCG (all Black and white photocopies,
some even without art).
A couple of my friends and I were chosen to play it!


The game goes like this: you have two decks (of cards).One small only
with (maybe ten) objectives, the other one with 50 or 60 cards going
from runners (some of them from the books as hachetman, from
cybertechnology [they actually have two versions of him: before, and
after cyberzombiehood]), contacts, challenges, gear, etc...
Each time you get one objective you earn reputation (normaly betwen
20-30 points). When you reach 60 reputation points you win (in the fast
I will tell no more now, but I liked very much!


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