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Subject: HMVV Dwarves, yet more on the faerie
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 92 00:45:00 EST
I've never heard of Duergar outside of AD&D, but my books on the faerie
mention a nasty tribe of dwarves called Korred, who were said to have goat's
feet and inhabit marshy areas. They would be a better candidate for Dwarves
infected with HMVV than Redcaps, who are too tall and thin, and lack the
massive build of Dwarves. They look more like agropelters, actually. Relativly
thin as their proportions go.
Another annoying little bugger you can spring on your players is the Spriggan.
According to myth, they could appear to be as much as five times their actual
size, and had rather an affinity for rocks. Pitfalls, traps, and the occasional
rock flying out of nowhere to bean a player on the head would be about their
speed. More a nuisance than a real threat, but players driven to frustration by
their unseen attackers often do real stupid things.
Adding to the scholarly bibliography listed above, the cruel GM might find the
writings of Poul Anderson the younger quite interesting. I especially recomend
The Broken Sword. Also, the "urban fantasies" of Mercedes Lackey might provoke
a sneaky thought or two. The psivamp (psychic vampire) in Children of the Night
would make for a real adventure. Enjoy!

Phelan Curfa

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