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Message no. 1
From: GRANITE <granite@**.net>
Subject: Holdit!Not so fast!FASAMike's corrections!!!
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 16:36:52 -0700
Here are the corrections to his original post I received a little while

Subject: WOW! My head must have really hurt....
Date: Tue,17 Sep 1996 16:53:20 -0400
From: FASAMike@***.com
To: fauxpas@******.net,granite@**.net,dbuehrer@****.org

Gentelmen - I screwed up royally....

Here are the correct answers.

>Could an astral being, covered by a FAB-Net, attempt to untangle the net?

No, an astral being cannot interact with the physical. It can try and
move it
out of the way but it can't unravel it. Now after much heated debate in
Dev. office (mainly between myself and Lou Prosperi the Earthdawn
an interesting idea came up. If a physical object with a stronger astral
force pushes a living entity without movement around - let's call it a
- does the fern actually move in the physical. (You know leaves blowing
and forth etc.) That is never actually discussed in SR. The quick answer
would be no. What goes for the PC must metaphyscially work for
The physcial body of a mage does not effect it's astral self, so that
must be
maintained over all living creatures. Who knew that Philosphy Degree I
would actually be useful.

>Is FAB astrally active?

NO!!! This is the correct answer...

>Is FAB dual-natured?

NO!!! This is the correct answer...again

>Is FAB mundane? must has to be...or everything I believe in will

OK that may be a bit too strong but hopefully this will make more sense.

Mike Mulvihill
Shadowrun Line Developer
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