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Message no. 1
From: Les Ward <lward@*******.COM>
Subject: House rulle lists
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 14:25:34 -0400
David wrote:
>It's in the House Rules section of my web page (BTW, some of my house rules
>need work, so take everything with a grain of salt if you visit).

I run the ShadowFAQ, which publishes tons of house rules. The problem with
this is that there are so many, it is not immediately obvious what the best
combination is. I was thinking of adding a list of links to the collections
of house rules used by given campaigns.

So, this post has two purposes:

1) To ask David if I can link to his house rules page.

2) To ask if anyone else has such a page for their own campaign that I
could link to. As a preference, I'd like it if the page indicated (even
breifly) why you picked the rules you did (e.g. "this makes combat faster"
or "mages weaker" or "physads stronger", etc.)

For reference, the ShadowFAQ, as always, is at:


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