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Message no. 1
From: AirWisp <AirWisp@***.COM>
Subject: I am Listening (was :[SR] Space)
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 10:08:56 EST
In a message dated 98-03-10 18:17:39 EST, you write:

<< >Mike wanted some ideas on what to do to "US" (being the goofs that
>to do this in another week or two) while up there. I'll send some "player
>background" on the whole of the subject in a different letter.

a) A world setting hangs together better if it's internally consistent.

Yes ...

b) All he has to say is that they are using some sort of drive to stay in

Sorry ... I assumed that it would ...

c) We've (well I have, and I think a few others did) been offering
suggestions as to make it work.

Yes ... but everyone has also been offering IMHO way too much detailed
information that is not needed .. this is a game, not a physics class (if I
wanted one I would head over to Purdue for one) ...

d) He's got no obligation to us, to his players, or to himself to listen to

Oh, but I am, I started this thread and I am going to read and listen to what
everyone has to say, good or bad, I am also wanting to see if there are things
I can pull out of the threads to "shaft" the players with (though I am going
to try my best and be as impartial as I can be ... maybe) ...

e) If you want plot ideas from us, you've sort of got to get us to accept
that the background for the plot is acceptable, first. >>

Unfortunately if most of you came to play in our home game you would say that
it is probably full of it ... we practice it differently than most people do,
and use all sorts of things to pull stuff off, and there are all sorts of new
and interesting uses for things brought into the game ...

No one has to accept that any plotline is acceptable ... just give your
opinion, if you are not playing in the game being mentioned then don't worry
about something in it affecting your game in any way ... the only game being
affected is "Mine" ...

The one thing I have noticed on the group so far has been that everyone is so
willing to ask questions and bounce things around ... but I have also not seen
people willing to give a rules definition for something either (though this
does happen, not as often as I like) ... the reason for the bouncing of rules
ideas around is to try and get to some sort of game balance or see what other
people's opinions are ...

I'd like to start seeing both again sometime soon though ...

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