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Message no. 1
From: danturek@*******.com (Dan Turek)
Subject: Ice Heart
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 15:40:49 -0400
Valeu John wrote:

>Uhh just one thing... Kori (or Ice Heart as the email suggests) is a
And one of the coldest slitches next to Pax.

>Second hand storys alone do not convey the horrors she has put her groups
through. Of course, I was lucky enough to back out early.

Ice Heart has to be the nicest person (to me at least) on the list.
Whenever I have a situation with my group or need an idea for a run she has
always helped me. I would be honored to play in her group, if I only lived

For example, I was running my Ehran mission in 2050. Part I was supposed to
be a cakewalk, the group had so much help I was sure they were going out of
their way to fail. After the decker is whacked by a corpselight, the ninja
gets addicted to Essence Drain from the vampire, and half the party doesn't
even make it to the estate I was getting ready to just toss all my books and
start playing Toon or perhaps Paranoia.

Ice Heart came up with several ideas that really helped. Not only were they
GM friendly, but they were also (at first glance) player friendly.

Of course, the characters all scrammed after Part I and will probably never
even try to get to the next stage, and odds are the people now after them
will simply kill them later, still effectively ending the campaign, but it
is still better going out Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead style than
clueless in the Tir.

As an aside, what is the longest your characters have lasted?

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