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Message no. 1
From: Luke Kendall <luke@********.CANON.OZ.AU>
Subject: Idea - (Was: Re: New list?)
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 1995 09:57:29 +1000
On Tue, 1 Aug 1995, S.F. Eley wrote:

> Oh well. Here's what I'll do.. I think I'll create the new list, on an
> experimental basis, and see if anyone actually bothers to subscribe to it
> and get it moving..

Robert A. Hayden wrote:

> I object.

I don't actually _object_. I'd like to read the stuff that S.F would
have on his list, so I'd probably subscribe if necessary. But for once
I agree with Robert, and can't see a good reason not to post them here.

> And you want to do this for what I see as a poor reason. If you want to
> discuss plots to send your runners on, THIS is the list to do it on (and
> that is defined in its original charter). Another list will just
> factionalize and fractionalize the community we have here.

> And if your reason for not publishing here is so you can "surprise" your
> players, what's to stop them from joinging the other list? Are you going
> to censor it from certain people?

How's this? The postings that are meant to be news items from `real'
news agencies in the SR world could be indicated by making sure they
had a distinctive subject line, like `SEATTLE CYBERNEWS, Wed Feb 4th, 2054'.

Others could be marked with a simple prefix - `PLOT: ...' or `YARN: ...'
or something.

If people were prepared to invest the effort of choosing and sticking
to a small set of subject line markers, then you'd get the best of
both worlds, I believe.


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