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From: "Dark Thought Publications." <JEK5313@*****.TAMU.EDU>
Subject: Re: Invis.
Date: Mon, 10 May 1993 13:03:47 -0500
]Reason? Ultrasound has nothing to do with light waves, and so would have
]no problem with the spell, while thermo would pick up on "heat trails" and
]the like.

Well, it depends on whether you differentiate between EMR reflected
from the target and EMR emitted by the target.
I think the reasoning goes something like this:
EMR, in the form of visible wavelengths, is reflected off objects all
the time, which is how we see, and see in color. (Discussion of said color
perception aside.) This is EMR which is emitted from an external source, and
then reflects to be perceived as a color by the eye. What I believe invis
does, though it is of course subject to discusison, is route the light - that
_would_ reflect from the person/thing and make it visible - around the
person/thing, thereby making it invisible. However, maintaining that this is
the way things work, the model here falls apart when a body emits radiation of
its own. Where does this "envelope effect," if you will, route this energy?
My answer is that it cannot, and since the body (except when dead or possibly
HMHVV-positive) emits thermal waste EMR continuously, the body is thus
continually vulnerable to dectection via thermal.
However, ultrasound is so far out of the protective envelope of
frequencies that it may stand a chance of detecting an individual who is
otherwise invisible.

At least, that is my reasoning. Mileage may vary.

-Ethan Court

"Knowledge is power and protection."

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